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The Research Based On The Sustainable Livelihood On The Settlement Of The Land-lost Farmers

Posted on:2010-07-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360275474395Subject:Administrative Management
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Urbanization is a objective law of social development. With the rapid urbanization, it is inevitable that a large number of agricultural lands are expropriated by the country for need of social and economic progress. However, at the same time, it took unprecedented effect on the farmers, for example, numerous farmers lost their land. Currently, for the reason of traditional isolated urban-rural dual structure, lagging placement system reformation, disregards on the interests of the landless peasants. Moreover, because the land expropriation and resettlement pattern is still imperfect, the re-employment ability of landless peasants is still bad, and social security is still lack of effective solution, the peasants become new vulnerable groups which are landless, unemployment, lack of social security and petition method. It has become a key factor that influents rural social stability and economic progress, and a hot point that the academia and the government care about. So, the research on the landless peasants is important to deepen the three rural issues research, to coordinate the economic development of urban and rural, to build a new socialist countryside, to achieve the great Goal of constructing a comparatively well-off society, to strengthen the construction of CPC's administration power, and to construct socialist harmonious society.The paper is a research on placement pattern of the landless peasants. Firstly, it introduced the research results and relative theories at home and abroad, and applied the sustainable livelihood theory as the research basis. Secondly, it analyzed the current situation of landless peasants through an empirical study. Thirdly, it analyzed the reason of mentioned problems. Finally, according to China's national conditions, in order to better resolve the problems, it put forward general idea and specific programs of land expropriation and resettlement. It included as follows:(1)Re-construct a new resettlement mode for landless peasants based on the sustainable livelihood. It is a matching system that includes the measures of economic compensation, housing security, employment security, social security, which are important to the landless peasants. It is in order to construct a long-term protection mechanism.(2)The specific plans are as follows. Raise the compensatory criteria of the expropriation, to ensure the premise of sustainable livelihood. Perfect the housing, to construct the basis of sustainable livelihood. Increase the employment support, to seize the focus of sustainable livelihood. Improve the social security, to perfect the base protection of sustainable livelihood.
Keywords/Search Tags:Landless peasants, Planning of urban and rural, Resettlement, Sustainable livelihood
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