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Research On Difficulities And Countermeasures Of Rural Democratic Autonomy

Posted on:2013-01-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X D LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330395474991Subject:Rural and Regional Development
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Luoxi Village, located in Luocheng Subdistrict of Shouguang city, is a typical suburbanvillage. In recent years, this village has made full use of the geographic advantage and trafficadvantage, and its development pace is becoming faster and faster. The need to acceleratethe construction of new residential quarter has been getting more and more urgent. In theearly stage of inquiry and visits about suburban construction in Luoxi Village, some problemsand deficiencies in the village affairs management were discovered gradually. This greatlyinfluenced the initiative and enthusiasm of the village leaders and therefore hindered thedevelopment of the project, which could bring benefits to the village and villagers. In order tohelp the village to solve these problems, Luocheng Subdistrict Party Committee expedited aworking group. The group, with the village leaders, asked for the opinions of the masses andParty members. Based on this, a series of standardized procedures about conference, decisionmaking standards, and etc were put forward. And it is stipulated that all the regulations mustbe put into strict operation. Thanks to this, Luoxi Village transformation project is going onsmoothly, and a record of "zero complaint" in village transformation is set in Shouguang city.Based on a thorough and meticulous survey of democracy innovation in the process ofLuoxi Village reformation, the author summed up four problems influencing the village-leveldemocratic political construction. Aiming at these problems, Shouguang City held a unitedconference which such sectors as Financial Bureau took part in. The conference summed upthe experience in Luoxi Village practices, put a series of relevant basic democratic autonomypolicies and regulations in order, and perfected the13-consecutive-year system--“to make thevillage affairs public”. The conference formed the “five matters” practice which tookdemocratic opinions, joint procedure, decision making by vote, concentrated work andsupervision by systems as the main content. The governance mechanism employedself-administration and self-government as its value orientation. Luocheng Subdistrictpiloted the new practice and carried out it in May,2010, obtaining initial effect.The author has visited14towns or subdistricts, more than120village communities andmore than300households for three years, participated in the " five matters" project from research to implementation, and mastered a lot of vivid first-hand information. This paper has,first of all, analyzed the background and reason why autonomy system innovation at ruralbasic level happened in Luocheng Subdistrict, and then carried out a systematic andcomprehensive research on the improvement of rural democratic autonomy and theimplementation of the " five matters" project in Shouguang City. Finally, based on thecomparison of relevant cases at home and abroad, the author has explored the approaches tothe grass-root democratic autonomy against the current social situation and provided somereference for strengthening and improving the construction of rural grass-roots organizations.
Keywords/Search Tags:grass-roots democratic autonomy, decision making, “five matters”, Shouguang
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