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Strengthen The Construction Of "Four Democracy": The Key To The Healthy Development Of The Villagers’ Autonomy

Posted on:2015-09-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330431994018Subject:Marxism in China
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The so-called four democracy, namely, democratic elections, democraticdecision-making, democratic management and democratic supervision. From the practice, thevillagers’ self-government system is essentially manifested by the four democracy, which said,contained the villagers autonomy system of villagers’ self management, self education andself service content is done by the four democracy. Therefore, four democracy is not only thefoundation of villager autonomy system, and important content of the villager autonomysystem. Left four democracy, the villagers autonomy system is impossible. Therefore, toimprove the quality of the villager autonomy system operation or to make villagers to highquality, high efficiency to achieve self-management, self-service, self education, we mustearnestly democratic elections, democratic policy-making, democratic management anddemocratic supervision of the construction. Based on mastering the relevant literature, butalso based on his deep part of the countryside in Si Chuan Province in recent years as alimited investigation and study, to our country rural democratic election, democraticdecision-making, democratic management and democratic supervision, the implementation ofcertain investigation, and in-depth analysis of the four democracy and the inner relationshipbetween the villager autonomy development. Analysis shows that we are going to effectivelypromote the healthy development of villagers’ autonomy system, the key is the key to mustpay special attention to democratic elections, democratic decision-making, democraticmanagement and democratic supervision of the construction, and will these four democracyactually throughout the process of the construction of the villagers’ autonomy. Only in thisway, can effectively promote the healthy development of villagers’ self-government system.According to the article, first, must pay special attention to democratic elections, earnestlyensure the authenticity of democratic election, laying solid foundation of autonomy. This is abasic premise to improve the quality of villagers’ autonomy. The basic premise is not welldone, running quality of villagers’ self-government system lose solid democratic foundation.Because the practice has proved that democratic elections are the foundation of villagerautonomy system. The villagers autonomy system can be run according to the will of thevillagers, first of all depends on the quality of democratic election. Second, must work to payspecial attention to democratic decision-making. If the consolidate autonomy lies ininfrastructure to improve the quality of democratic election, so, do a good job in the core ofdemocratic decision-making is to fully embody the spirit of autonomy. Whether because,whether democratic decision-making, fully embodies the villagers will, directly decides thevillagers self-management, self-service, the realization of the self education. Once again, wemust earnestly the democratic management. Do a good job in the core of democraticmanagement is to make full use of the autonomous function of the villager autonomy system,can make the self management according to the will of the majority of people. So, the quality of self management, self management order, the efficiency of self management, etc., isinseparable from the democratic management of the political basis. Have done a poor job ifdemocratic management or democratic management become a mere formality, so, selfmanagement are not conducting the reforms according to the will of the majority of people,which the villagers self-management quality will be affected. In the end, I really need to payspecial attention to the democratic supervision. Democratic supervision, including the majoritems of the village to monitor, supervise the village committee work, to supervise thebehavior of the cadres. Obviously, democratic supervision, is to improve the quality of thevillagers autonomy system has a very important content. If there is no strong democraticsupervision, democratic decision-making is difficult to get effective implementation, thecontent of the democratic management may become a mere formality. Democraticsupervision is very important, therefore, it is one of the important conditions to ensure thevillager autonomy system healthy. Anyhow, pays special attention to the four democracy, topromote the healthy development of villagers’ self-government system has importantsignificance cannot be underestimated, therefore, we must through improving democraticelections, democratic decision-making mechanism, optimization of democratic management,strengthening democratic supervision, effectively promote the healthy development ofvillagers’ autonomy.
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