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Research On The Problems And Countermeasures Of Villager Autonomy In Urbanization

Posted on:2018-04-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330515474558Subject:Administrative Management
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Villagers' autonomy has been the basic social and political system of regulating rural development in our country,and has been developing in our country for more than 30 years.It is an important part of China's socialist democratic political system.It is the democratic way that is implemented in the vast rural areas.It is the main way for the broad peasants to realize their own democratic rights and interests.It promoted the process of democratization in rural areas,encouraged the enthusiasm of the majority of farmers to participate in politics,but also promoted the optimization of rural economic structure and economic level,and maintained the stability of rural society.With the economic development and social progress,urbanization,aging,left-behind children,the economic level is not high,brain drain and other issues make the villagers there have been many old and new problems,such as a large number of migrant workers election rights difficult to guarantee,Population aging and other issues caused by the difficulty of organizing elections,democratic supervision and other forms of the problem.In view of the new situation facing the current rural areas,this paper attempts to study the problems of rural villagers' autonomy in today's rural areas,through the selection of villages with more villages,villagers autonomy of the H province L town to conduct a case study,to take the villagers survey,And the villagers exchange,access to relevant literature and other methods to explore the impact of the region in the villagers in the existence of the problems and causes,put forward some of these countermeasures.This paper introduces the concept,content and characteristics of the villagers' autonomy,and then analyzes the basic situation of the villagers in L town,and tries to find out the problems and causes and find out the solutions.This part is divided into five parts: The first part is the introduction,which mainly introduces the background and purpose of this research,the research status quo,the research methods and the innovation at home and abroad.The second part discusses the theory of villager autonomy,clarifies the related concepts of villager autonomy And the main contents of the villagers' autonomy.The third part introduces the basic situation of the town of L,and analyzes the basic situation of the villagers and the villagers' comparative analysis of the villagers' autonomy evaluation.The fourth part summarizes the previous research results and the analysis of the results of the exchange withthe county village cadres to find out the problems and causes of the villagers 'autonomy in the L town.The fifth part puts forward the countermeasures and suggestions of the villagers' autonomy in L town,According to the law,vigorously develop the rural economy,strengthen the awareness of the villagers democratic training,put the township government,village two appoint the relationship between the three to create the villagers' autonomy of the institutional environment and cultural environment,strengthen the democratic supervision and control mechanism.To ensure that the survey results can truly reflect the situation of villagers' autonomy,the author according to the proportion of the proportion of the survey respondents(18-year-old villagers,village cadres)according to the proportion of the questionnaire survey,taking into account the psychological and other factors,In the investigation before the emphasis on its confidentiality and academic research of the paper,make full use of the survey of the free time,has a few times a few months to investigate the object of investigation,and to send a small gift to the respondents expressed gratitude.After that,the author concludes by summarizing,comparing,comparing the contents of the interview with a large amount of information,and summarizing and summarizing the questionnaire collected from the survey.
Keywords/Search Tags:villager autonomy, democratic elections, democratic decision-making, democratic management, democratic supervision
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