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Guangzhou Nansha Government Affairs Center "One-Stop Service" Problems Research

Posted on:2013-08-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S X LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330395475680Subject:Public administration
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In recent years, administrative service center with the feature of the "one-stop" service,become important mode and platform of reforming and innovation of local government. Allparts of the country are actively exploring the "one-stop office","a window work"administrative examination and approval work mechanism. Guangzhou nansha governmentaffairs service center was founded in December2007, to the administrative licensing as thecore, with convenient, efficient, honest, standard for the purpose, carry out the "one-stopwork, one-stop service, the sun operation, standardized management" operation mode. In theenvironment of the reform of the administrative examination and approval in full swing, howto improve the Nansha "one-stop" level of government services further is facing multipledifficulties, questions and problems to be solved.Nansha government affairs service center asa window to the outside, to enhance one-stop service will be to lay a good foundation for thedevelopment of Nansha District.This paper is that Guangzhou nansha government affairs service center is the object ofstudy, from the point of view of the government’s public administration and public services,combine with the related theory, summarize the status of the "one-stop" nansha governmentaffairs center government services, characteristics and problems, analysis its existingproblems deeply, learn e-government experience from Canada and Singapore, draw lessonsfrom Zhejiang ningbo government affairs center and some domestic advanced part of thepractice of government affairs service center, combine the nansha government affairs centeractual situation, put forward to improve guangzhou nansha government affairs sevice center"one-stop" service the basic train of thought and main measures. To improve the nanshadistrict government affairs service level, to make the good investment environment, so as toenhance the citizens satisfaction, build "happiness nansha".
Keywords/Search Tags:Government service, One-stop service, E-government
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