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The Research Of Government "One-stop Service"

Posted on:2013-10-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330374479803Subject:Administrative Management
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Government" one-stop service" is to improve the government performance, build efficient responsible service type government is the effective way to improve the construction level, is the government, create a transparent government is important carrier of sunshine. Mankind has entered the twenty-first Century, the network technology is widely used today, the government "one-stop service" with its space and conditions, both traditional sense of physical entities of the government, and in line with the characteristics of the times of network virtual form of government affairs.This paper is mainly divided into five parts, the introduction part introduces research background, the research goal and the significance, the research status at home and abroad. The first part to government reengineering theory; the theory of new public service theory; democratic politics; the theory of holistic governance; network governance theory the five theory as the research basis, and draw lessons from the good information infrastructure, in respect of electronic government affairs in a leading position in the world of the successful experience of developed countries, compared to the three continents of America, Europe and Asia representative of the three countries "one-stop service" construction, to the construction of our country’s" one-stop service" network bring enlightenment." One-stop service" is the government complies with China’s economic and social development and people’s demands, a positive transformation of government function, advance actively administrative management reform act. With the country to promote the tissue remodeling as the main train of thought, through the network of technical methods to construct our" one-stop service" government has the important theory significance and the practical significance. The second and the third part of research and discussion is the main content of analytic our country is current" one-stop service" development present situation, discusses the use of one-stop service" concept in the actual operation process of some existing problems and these problems produced by the roots, and puts forward relevant suggestions and ideas, from the reform of government function transformation; improve organizational effectiveness; further strengthen the" people-oriented" administrative intelligence and coordination functions; innovation public service mechanism and other internal functions and create the scientific reasonable and sound public service legal system; external and internal supervision is the guarantee; information society public administration interactive effects and the citizen can use skilled to grasp and wide application of network technology, the external environment, and take the technology as the core power to achieve "one-stop service" network system countermeasure. This paper focuses on the final part, mainly discusses the practical use of " one-stop service" concept classes of entities and the virtual network form network framework, including the expansion of the government affairs hall as the dominant route of administration of basic structural frame; to strengthen the e-government platform for electronic administration application framework; to develop new ideas and new convenient way network government mode framework, the" administrative network" and" administrative information" not only refers to the computer network technology, should also include can constitute a network of all application information tools, such as:mobile phone short message service mode, e-government and government" micro-blog"; extensive development in social management for the channel" community governance community" new concept frame, the rapid development of China’s city emergency management system related to the construction of electronic government affairs; to create a new model of city harmonious development. The innovation and improvement of one-stop service", for the construction of service-oriented government theory and practical application of the inevitable result of the progress of. Is the government administration to meet the development of the times and social progress and solve the problem of people’s livelihood" requirement, is the government administration and the reform of value target.
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