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Discuss The Path To Construction Of Service-oriented Local Government

Posted on:2012-05-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Along with the deepening of the reform of the system of the socialist market economy, the government reform has been carried out, the construction of service - type Government is the general trend of government reform direction and the inevitable choice of the development of history.Form the role of the local government, local government behavior Connotation and Characteristics, This paper analyzes the local government offside and dislocation of anomie behavior, such as the implementation of policies with local government departments interest tendency, " When a policy, there are measures "; in the face of the public, " people's public servants " of the local government become masters of the society, belly - worship in public affairs, they do everything to help the public decide their way of thinking and behavior pattern and so on.Through the study of these misconducts, the article believed that the main reason is that the power of alienation, ineffective supervision and local government policy on the interpretation of the central cause central policies to be fragmented. Traditional control-oriented Government has been unable to meet the current social development, we must shift the focus of the work form the system of government - led and control of dominant into the system of community - led government, civic - led governance and under the guidance of the spirit, re - orientation of social roles of Local Government and public relations.Due to the special role of local governments, following the functions of the Central government, on behalf of the regional social and public interest there are also pursuing its own best interest. therefore, after weighing the interests and policies, standardize local government behavior, each other overcome local government departments, departmental interests, but the performance problems, will regulate local government as a starting point, to conduct research on constructing service - oriented local path, proposed establishing the citizens as the local government decision - making and ideal of democratic decision - making, improving government information opening system, enhance the transparency of the decision– making. Specification for local government behavior, and administration according to law and improve administrative liability system and regulate the local government administrative examination and approval procedures for government service process reengineering and think that as the local government administrative examination and approval system reform measures, " one - stop " service system defined powers and responsibilities, reducing administrative examination and approval procedures of redundant repeatedly, but this is only a change in the mode of providing services to the public, did not touch upon any substantial transformation of government functions from the actual realization of the service concept and certain distance.Current "one-stop" service system is still in the exploratory stage. There is no relevant national laws and regulations that clearly define the issues of which level of government should be setting and how to set up the system, as well as what support institutions should be established.Considering the current problem of serious confusion of policy making and implementation of local governments, in the process of building service- typed local government, we should learn the methods and experience in adjusting the relations of political and administrative in Western countries and separate the political decision-making bodies and administrative enforcement agencies through the formation of full-time training policy implementation institutions, in an effort to achieve scientific, standardized process of policy making and improve the performance of implementation.Facing the rising requirements from the citizens for the government and the changing condition of the national government itself, it has become an inevitable choice to build a service-oriented government. Whereas, the real condition of China now decides its in capability to completely support the smooth building and running of a service- typed government as a whole, no matter economically, socially or considering the present condition of politics, culture and laws. So based on the inevitable trend of historical development and immature reality, we have to treat the process of building service-oriented governments as a step-by-step as well as a systematic cause.
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