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Study On Construction Of The Administrative Service Center Of County Government In China

Posted on:2014-02-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330398455570Subject:Administrative Management
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The county is the basic administrative unit, is the bonds of cities and towns, and the basicunit of China’s social and economic functions, which plays an important role in the overalldevelopment of China. The revitalization of the county-level development improve the buildingof grassroots political democracy is the basis of our social and economic leaps and bounds.County administrative service center, as the representative of the convenience grassrootsorganization, which service concept is to build a service-oriented government, and rooted in thesoil of the traditional model of government,is the first soldiers of the administrative reform, thelatest public administration theory in social innovation management practice,and the bold use ofChina’s economic restructuring. The dministrative reform is the government’s social innovationmanagement,which has played a leading and exemplary role. However, the center building ofadministrative services at the county level in China is still at the exploratory stage. The countygovernment service center is different as geographical, infrastructure construction incompleted.Rules and regulations are not sound, leaders at all levels of the service center building emphasisresidents to participate in the enthusiasm is not strong, these issues become the shackles ofgovernment administrative reform and social innovation management.Basis on the study of the foreign county administrative service center building and practicerelated literature. We analysis and research systematicly for our county governmentadministrative service center building from a theoretical point of view. Research in developedcountries and the existing administrative service center practical experience with literatureanalysis, comparative analysis of the strengths and weaknesses at home and abroad, and analysisof foreign administrative services building success stories, learn from the advanced experience ofits development, clear our county government basic goals and strategic objectives of theadministrative Service Center building, we have attempt to give the policy reference for buildingthe China’s government administrative service center of county-level.
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