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Looked From The Reform Of The Administrative Examination And Approval System Of Change Of Government Function

Posted on:2013-09-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330374972029Subject:Administrative Management
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For adjust the transformation of the planned economy to socialist market economy,china has already declare to changing the functions of government at1987.Accompany this declartion is the series of action such as downsizing and reorganization of government agencies. After1999, the government deciding to making futher reform especially the reform of administrative and approval system as a breakthrough, and having a new series reform action..More than10years, The State Council Canceled and to adjust the approval of the project up to2183item and the number of examination and approval items decreased by60.6%. It is effective to change the gov functions from all-around to service-oriented government.This article is in this context, Study the transformation of government functions as an entry point to the reform of administrative examination and approval system. From anaylis the dministrative examination and approval system of Shaan xi government, first summary of the reform results, we can come to the conclusion of the reform of administrative examination and approval system to a certain extent, reduce the government’s administrative intervention to optimize the existing administrative intervention, and promoting the transformation of government functions. Second, identify the problems of process in the administrative approval system reform, such as did not deal well with the relationship between quantity and quality of administrative examination and approval system; decentralization of management layers and change management, self-regulation in matters of administrative examination and approval reform is not big enough, analysis of why these issues affect the transformation of government functions., what is the cause of the problem. Finally, asked the solution to the problem, such as:strengthen the system construction. Only to solute the problems in the reform of administrative examination and approval system in order to further promote on the transformation of government functions, therefore it can be real return back to the market and provide public goods and public services.
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