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Research On Performance Management Of Dalian Jinzhou New District Administrative Service Center

Posted on:2014-01-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Recently, it has been a difficulty to complete the performance management in the work of the government. With the development of building service-oriented government, how to run government performance management effectively has gradually become the focus of the public. To construct and improve the government performance management should be participated by government and citizens, which is the various efforts to continuously explore. However, because of numerous agencies of our government, it can’t be achieved overnight to improve the performance management. Currently, Administrative Service Center is becoming external communication platform for various local governments, but also the overall image of the local government representative, effective way for local government services citizens even more. Window service levels become one of effective assessment indicators of the level of local government work, but also an important assessment indicator of the work of the various bureaus, which is effective means of enterprises, citizen participation in supervising the work of the government. Dalian Jinzhou District Administrative Service Center, for example, how to define the performance management means? What’s the problem of it?This paper, with the analysis method of Jinzhou District Administrative Service Center performance management, and combined with relevant experience at home and abroad, literature and empirical research, questionnaires and interview methods, explores the problems and the reasons of the Center performance management. We have avoided the thought of one-sided analysis of the problems between the two parts and did a cross analysis on the deep seated problems of performance management from diversified groups, different dimensions and various factors.There are four factors in the paper, the first part introduces the background, the theories and the technique path; the second part carries on the questionnaire survey and statistical analysis; the third part analyzes the current situation, problems, and explores the effects of performance appraisal management factors according to statistical difference compared of the centre; and the last part forwards feasible suggestions for performance appraisal in the center of the management.
Keywords/Search Tags:Dalian Jinzhou District, Administrative Service Centre, Performancemanagement
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