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Research On How To Strengthen And Improve The Assessment Of The Cadres’ Integrity

Posted on:2014-02-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The practice since the Reform and Opening up fully proves that adhering to the“political integrity and ability, integrity for the first” employment standards andputting the cadres’ integrity in the first place is the fundamental requirements and animportant guarantee for keeping the advanced nature and purity of Marxist rulingparty as well as the objective needs of the new situation of building high-qualitycadres.Standing on the historical starting point of the18th National People’s Congress,combining with the current world situation, the party situation and circumstances, it isparticularly urgent and necessary to strengthen and improve the cadres’ integrityappraisal construction, which is not only the needs of selecting the right cadres andstrengthen the socialist moral construction, but also the needs of heritage andinnovation of traditional Chinese culture and further strengthen party building.Strengthen and improve the construction of evaluation system of cadres’ integrityshould be based on comprehensive understanding of the cadres’ integrity. Fullyunderstand the premise of the cadres’ integrity from different angles and levels isimportant in developing scientific assessment of cadres’ integrity and accurately usingthe results of the assessment of cadres’ integrity and providing leading cadres withability and political integrity in the scientific party building in the new era.In order to examine and evaluate the cadres’ integrity, the first problem is to findout what is cadres’ integrity, what is included. Only by solving this problem can thecadres’ integrity assessment be proceed smoothly and obtains the recognition ofcadres. Taking into account the complexity of the cadres’ integrity, hidden internal nature and external performance differences, we must think about this issue frommultiple angles and multi-level connotation. For example, from social and moralperspective, cadres’ integrity belongs to specific groups of society moral category,with both the general properties of the social and moral, but also has a cadre groupparticularity. The cadres’ integrity is higher than the general social ethics. Also we canalso analyse from the point of view of nature of the party’s advancement to get a deepunderstanding of the basic connotation of cadres’ integrity in order to accurately graspits internal rules and external manifestations.Appraisal of cadres’ integrity is not only a new topic, but also a historic oldtopic. Knowing the basic contents and requirements of the examination and evaluationof cadres’ integrity, we not only need to combine the examination and evaluationpractice of the contemporary Communist Party of the cadres’ integrity, but also baseon the basis of assessment of the history of ancient officials, Western Civil Servicecadres’ integrity. Understanding of the situation in this regard will help us betterunderstand and grasp the problems of assessment of cadres’ integrity in practical levelin order to make our current assessment of cadres’ integrity more historical andrealistic.In the new period in the assessment of cadres’ integrity, we consider theoutstanding problems in the organization of the party building and effective andscientific measures are taken to improve the assessment of the cadres’ integrity, andsome remarkable results are achieved. However, we should also see that there are stillsome problems in the content standards, ways and means and results apply due to thecomplexity and variability of the assessment work of the cadres’ integrity. theseaspects more or less affect the improvement and development of the assessmentmechanism of the cadres’ integrity. For example, The lack of a unified assessment ofthe content and standards, evaluate ways and means targeted to be enhanced, and alack of clarity of assessment, assessment diversification of the main are still gaps,deficiencies evaluate the accuracy of the results, there lacks efforts to use theassessment results. Explore the problems and causes of the current assessment of the presence ofcadres’ integrity, combine with our new ideas and good practice in the assessment ofcadres’ integrity, put forward the principles and approaches to improve the assessmentof cadres’ integrity, and strive to make the cadres’ integrity the assessment has astrong practical and operational effect so as to provide a reference for the innovativecadres’ integrity evaluation mechanism and further improve the Party’s cadre selectionand appointment system. Adhere to both ability and cadres’ integrity, to cadres’integrity for the first principle, adhere to the principle of combining historic andreality, insist on open justice and respect for human rights and adhere to the principleof combining Pilot Exploration and summary promotion. At the same time,refinement content standards of cadres’ integrity and adhere to the combination ofqualitative and quantitative evaluation so as to enhance the fairness of theexamination results. Use different assessment methods, strengthening cadres’ integrityusing measures. And of course, various regions should develop their own assessmentprograms around its own reality, establish a scientific and comprehensive evaluationsystem in cadres’ integrity, continue to promote the building of the contingent ofcadres and improve the scientific level of Party building.
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