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A Study On The Issues Related To The Open Selection Of Leading Cadres With Competition Nationwide

Posted on:2014-03-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330428959617Subject:Public Management
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Since reform and opening-up, the reform of the leading cadre personnel system in our country has made a substantial progress, and among them is the innovation of promotion mode of leading cadres. It is a great leap forward because it incorporates competition in leading cadre promotion to replace the appointment system. Based on a multitude of research on competitive selection and the practice of open selection in Shaoxing city, this research paper analyses and evaluates all the steps in open selection and all the selection modes with materialistic dialectics of Marxism. It integrates such research methods as document analysis, empirical approach, individual interviews, comparative methods, questionnaire approach in order to reflect on the malpractices in open selection, explore the reasons why they happened, discuss the key problems in the work of open selection, and hope to provide some suggestions and ideas in the open selection of leading cadres in Shaoxing, Zhejiang and the country at large.First of all, the thesis analyses the content, key methods, development process of open selection with competition, and the difference from the conventional selection practice, pointing out that, as a selection institution at its rising and thriving stage, open selection of leading cadres with competition has become one of the key institutions in choosing party and government leading cadres after more than20years of development. Second, it analyses the main features, and a deep review of the existing problems in open selection with competition in the case of Shaoxing which has made12rounds of open selection since1993.1. Not standardized qualification and screening process.2. Not scientific mode of assessment and quantized evaluation.3. Insufficient openness and public credibility.4. Insufficient general effect and result utilization.5. Relatively lagging supporting and security system. Based on the above analysis, it puts forward some ideas concerning improving the scientific effectiveness of open selection of leading cadres with competition: first, the qualification of leading cadres should be simplified and process of open selection optimized in order to lower the cost and improve work efficiency. Second, the assessment method of leadership should be improved to make the selection more scientific. Third, the participation of the public in open selection should be enhanced to give full play to their active roles in selection with competition. Fourth, the work efficiency of open selection and follow-up management of those leading cadres should be intensified. Fifth, the supporting and guarantee system should be strengthened to facilitate regularity and standardization of open selection.As a key element in the reform of the leading cadre personnel system, open selection of leading cadres with competition carries the historic mission of selecting qualified personnel for scientific development and the profound expectation of more participation of the public. Improving the scientific efficiency of open selection of leading cadres with competition will not only lay a solid foundation for its pertinence, effectiveness and standardization, but also provide a powerful theoretical support for its thorough implementation.
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