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A Study On Investment And Financing For Private College

Posted on:2013-01-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z B JiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2247330371469498Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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nowadays, the higher education of our country is preliminary already formedgive priority with governmental education,also, the society is participated in runningextensively of diversified pattern, at the same time ,emerged a large number of privatecolleges with high quality teaching and good conditions. These universities have gra-dually become an important part in higher education massification process of our cou-ntry. However, with the developping of the private colleges, many problems appearedcan not be neglected, such as the shortage of teachers, students,and investment andfinancing mechanism is also included, the money is still restricting the developmentof our country private colleges, government public finance investment in addition togrant subsidies, others are very little.Review of foreign private colleges financing system, in addition to its tuitionfees, donations, social services, the government public finance which give to privatecolleges occupy a certain proportion, more perfect diversified investment and finan-cing system has been already formed.As far as we concerned, public and private higher education are all the same, forthe view of cost sharing and education fair angle, government public finance of priva-te higher education cost sharing more fair.This study has reviewed private college financing history, present situation ofinvestment and financing with a comprehensive, in-depth, systematic angle since thelast century eightys, this study has chosen 8 private universities as the research object,ana lyzes the private college funding sources and proportion. Then, analyzing theforeign private college financing method and policy measures with the depth way. Es-pecially make comparison with domestic private colleges in government public fin-ance investment and financing aspects. On this foundation, put forward to fit our cou-ntry national condition of private institutions of higher education investment and fin-ancing system and mechanism reform and countermeasure proposal. the analysis ofThis study seek to a new perspective, new ideas, new system for the problem. I belie-ve that These counter- measures and suggestions will give the government, educationadmi- nistrative autho- rities of the civilian-run colleges and universities decision ma-kers, provide beneficial enlightenment and help.According to the above research thought, specific research contents are as follows:The first part of this article introduces the purpose and significance of the topic,research status, research methods and research ideas, and defines the related concepts; The second part introduces our country private university financing history,investment and financing policy , funding sources and composition;The third part has chosen 8 Shandong private colleges to analyse the investmentfinancing of current situation;The fourth part introduces the foreign private universities financing ways andpolicy analysis;The fifth part introduces investment and financing countermeasure for privateuniversities in China;...
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