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The Study Of The Transformation Of The State-owned Non-profit Organization

Posted on:2013-02-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The effects of China’s marketizational reformation have already infilteated intoall levels of social organizations, and affect social members in all aspects of life.Themost important part of China’s institutional transition is the marketizaitonal processof the organizations within the official structure. The reformation of the state-ownedenterprises has been fully implemented and very fruitful, and the transformation ofnon-profit organizations has just entered a substantive stage, facing more complexinstitutional environment, both the overall impact of marketization reformation andthe local influence of the state-owned enterprises are having an effect on it, and thelatter is more direct. The reformation of non-profit organizations is actually a processof maintaining consistency with the institutional environment, the purpose is toexpand the legitimacy of their own surival in the process of the whole socialtransformation , but it doesn’t mean to give up the pursuit of efficiency, what it meetsis the istitutional efficiency for society as a whole run.The reformation of China’s danwei organizations can be risen to the level ofinstitutional transformation, the reform of macroscopical social structure decidesmicrocosmic level member ’s personal identity, organizational identity and socialidentity. At the same time, the members’identification also reflects the process andtrend of seeking the external legitimacy in the pocess of tranformation. Throughcomparing the organizational identity and social identity between the members ofstate-owned organization and the non-profit ones, the paper wants to inspect themembers’judgment and recognition degree of the reform of institution. Theconclusion is that the institutional transition of China is a process of seekinginstitutional legitimacy, and the organizations within the offical structure will becontinue to exist and play a role in the market economy.
Keywords/Search Tags:danwei organization, organizational identification, social identy, neo-institutional school
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