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Research On Running Characteristics Of Undergraduate Nursing School

Posted on:2013-03-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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PurposeThrough the undergraduate nursing research on the school running characteristics of collegesand universities, the college nursing specialty according to its own characteristics to highlight theirown characteristics of running a school,Develop educational content and basic requirements, togive the regulation.In order to improve the employment competitiveness of graduates of collegenursing specialty students, improve the competitive power of attraction.MethodTake random cluster sampling method, select the12top three hospitals in six provinces ofHenan, Beijing, Guangdong, Jilin, Shanghai, Guangxi, Henan University, Jilin University,10institutions to conduct a questionnaire. Investigation object to head nurse, nurse, undergraduatenursing students, nursing teachers in Colleges and universities and other groups. On the principleof informed consent voluntarily participated in this study. Survey understanding of thecharacteristics, teacher characteristics awareness, cultivate understanding of goals and curriculumcharacteristics. A total of550questionnaires, reclaim effective questionnaire500, the recovery rateis90.90%, using SPSS17.0software to carry out data processing, statistical methods including:mean analysis, descriptive analysis, t-test.Results1. On nursing specialty features elements of the evaluation from nurses and students, thestudents evaluation of the higher first in turn are: the school teachers’ clinical experience (4.12),the school characteristic in favor of employment (3.99), evaluation of the lower are: the schoolcomprehensive strength of a strong (3.01), the university academic lectures with strong attraction(3.01); Nurses rated higher on the first2are in turn: distinctive features for professionaldevelopment (4.42), distinctive features can promote teaching (4.38), evaluation of the lower2bits are: alma mater school comprehensive strength of a strong (3.94), the alma mater to academiclectures with strong attraction (3.94), the Alma mater of experiment and practice facilities (3.94)alma mater, teaching contents reflect the frontier (3.94). 2. The nurse with students about the nursing school running characteristics of the overallevaluation, in the student and nurse to have the biggest impact on the teaching evaluation, studentsthink all kinds of extracurricular academic activities on his greatest influence of professionalcourse times; The nurse is considered the biggest influence professional course, take second placefor foundation course. In the student and nurse to the most help the evaluation module courses,students and nurses think professional class to help most knowledge, followed by social practice.In the student and the lack of knowledge of nurse in the field of the evaluation of students thinkthat the lack of legal knowledge, followed by the lack of communication skills and knowledge ofthe humanities social sciences; The nurse think of foreign language learning are most lacking,second critical intensive care nurse scientific research and the lack of. In the student and thequality of the deepest feelings of nurse education activities in the evaluation, the nurse andstudents are studying at the college social practice activity the deepest feelings, take second placefor humanities knowledge lecture. In the student and to improve their way to nurse the choice,students choose pass through on-the-job on-the-job master and short-term studies to improveourselves, the nurse choice through on-the-job short-term studies to improve ourselves.3. On undergraduate nursing specialty features elements of the evaluation from teachers andnurses, teacher evaluation was higher in the first2are in turn: the occupation career planningguide (4.95), strengthen the guidance of the concept (4.85); evaluation of the lower2bits asfollowed: the practice operation ability (3.35), professional ability is strong (3.62). Nurses ratedhigher on the first2are in turn: the occupation career planning guide (4.85), strengthen theguidance of the concept (4.83); evaluation of lower first2are in turn: the practice operationability (3.20), communication and cooperation ability (3.27).4. The teacher and the head nurse in the nursing professional school running characteristicsof the overall evaluation, the teacher to undergraduate course graduates do better evaluation ofteachers and the head nurse think learning creativity is undergraduate course graduation nurses dothe best, take second place for the ability to respond to the environment. Undergraduate coursegraduates to the comparison of the lack of evaluation of teachers say the practical operatingabilities is undergraduate course graduation nurses do the most lacking, take second place for dedicated professional quality. The head nurse also think the practical operating abilities isundergraduate course graduation nurses do the most lacking, times of loyalty, organization forhospital the ability of influence. To the undergraduate education in personnel training and teachingshould do in the evaluation of the reform, teachers should strengthen the trainee practice thatapplication ability and the training of times for teaching should strengthen the cultivation of theknowledge frontier and teaching form want agile diversity, the head nurse also think shouldstrengthen the trainee practice application ability and the training of times for should strengthenthe cultivation of interpersonal communication ability. To open the orientation of the evaluationshould be teachers think should open old and community nursing direction, take second place forfirst aid and intensive care direction; The head nurse think should open spirit and psychologicalcare direction, take second place for should open rehabilitation nursing direction.Conclusion1. The characteristics of a school reflect the quality of teaching, reflect the teaching level, isspecialized in the survival and development of the key factors, it is to measure the level and talenttraining types of important symbol. Has been academic and industrial high attention.2. Universities nursing undergraduate professional school running characteristics includingelements of the evaluation of the evaluation, overall evaluation two aspects. Evaluation factorsinclude: professional characteristics of knowledge, professional teachers’ characteristics, traininggoal and course setting characteristics, professional education and cultivation of the students’capability characteristics. Overall assessment including: have the biggest impact on teaching links,the most helpful module courses, the lack of knowledge of the field, quality education activityfeeling and improve their way, etc.3. The undergraduate course colleges and universities nursing school running characteristicsof formation, by social reality demand and its own teaching advantages of the two factorsinfluence.
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