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The Study On Teachers’ Team Building In The Multidisciplinary Perspective

Posted on:2013-12-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the deepening of the new curriculum reform, teacher’s collaboration has gradually received the public’s attention. Being a new attempt, the advantages of the teacher team development have appeared under the complex educational reform when the teacher’s professional development is facing a bottleneck. Teacher’s team-building has become an inevitable choice to adapt to the in-depth development of china’s educational reform.On the basis of the analysis in the literature, the article tries to study the theoretical and the practical issues of the teacher’s team-building from a multidisciplinary vision of education, psychology, management science and sociology. First of all, the article defines the terms of team and teacher’s team, including the meaning, elements and types of team; the concept and evolution of teacher’s team. Secondly, the article discusses the theory from the vision of education, psychology, management science and sociology, including the theory of cooperative school; teachers’professional development; Maslow’s hierarchy of needs; group dynamics theory; system management theory; learning organization theory; exchange theory; interaction theory. Thirdly, the article discusses the contents and principles of the teachers team building in multi-disciplinary perspective. The contents include the construction of learning team; teachers’professional team building; teachers’practical team building. The principles contain the gradual progress; the democracy and respect; learning and service and collaborative sharing. Finally, the paper discusses the strategy of team building from a multi-disciplinary perspective, including waking up the sense of teamwork; developing a shared vision; optimizing the team environment; nurturing the culture of teamwork; making the team development model and improves the team security system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Pedagogy, Psychology, Management, Sociology, Teachers’team
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