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A Study On The Strategies To Build Full-time Scientific Researchteams In Research Universities

Posted on:2013-07-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z X MengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2247330392453107Subject:Public Management
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In the world today, the innovative ability in science and technology has been anincreasingly important factor that influences the international competitiveness of acountry. Colleges and universities, as one of the key components of nationalinnovation system construction, are expected to constantly develop the ability ofscientific research and enhance the innovative level in science and technology. Theyare responsible for building high-level full-time scientific research teams that meet therequirements of national development strategies in science and technology, and theconstruction of first class universities in the world, in order to serve the needs ofnational construction and realize their own development goals. Building a full-timescientific research team with appropriate scale and hierarchy has been an effectivemeasure for Chinese high-level research universities to take social responsibilities andrealize self-values in this significant period.Compared with the situations in world-famous research universities, the buildingof full-time scientific research teams in Chinese research universities is still in theearly stage. There are great gaps in many aspects such as team scale, evaluation andpromotion, treatment security, and management pattern. The thesis intends to startwith the necessity of building full-time scientific research teams in Chinese high-levelresearch universities. Then based on the exploration and practice of the research teambuilding in China, and the effectiveness and philosophy in American first classresearch universities, it analyzes their differences and the successful experiencesworth China learning. Finally, combined with our national conditions as well as thepractical situation and development tendency of the scientific research work inresearch universities, the thesis analyzes and puts forward strategies for the buildingof full-time scientific research teams in Chinese universities at this stage.
Keywords/Search Tags:research university, full-time scientific research team, countermeasure analysis, comparative study on universityscientific research
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