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The Study Of Postmodern Esthetics’ Influence On Contemporary College Students’ Aesthetic Education

Posted on:2014-02-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2247330392964696Subject:Ideological and political education
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Postmodern esthetics is the combining product of postmodernism and aesthetic trendsof thought. It is a concrete manifestation of aesthetics during the development ofpostmodernism, and also an important expression of postmodernism. It mainly emergesin Western countries and is widely developed in the1960s and1970s, relating to manyfields including art and architectural style, literature, history, philosophy, social culture,ideology and so on, and having a nature of widely critical and anti-traditional. As soon aspostmodern esthetics lands in China, it directly shocks contemporary college students’ideas, values, outlook on life and world, and it also strongly affects their way of life. It ismore like a double-edged sword for it having both positive and negative impacts on thenative Chinese College Students’ growth.Being shocked and influenced by modern esthetics, the current situation ofcontemporary college students’ aesthetic education is worth worrying, and there existsmany problems. Of course, the postmodern esthetics has some positive impacts oncontemporary college students’ aesthetic taste, mainly reflecting in: respecting foraesthetic differences, broadening the aesthetic field of vision, breaking the traditionalaesthetic way and standard, as well as the coexisting of openness and pluralism ofaesthetic ideas and so on; But what is more worthy of our attention is its negative impacts,such as the personalization of the aesthetic ideas, the fashionisation of aesthetic pursuit,the secularization of aesthetic ethics, the utilitarianism of aesthetic standards and so on.There are mainly the following reasons: western social thoughts, especially thepost-modernism aesthetics’ shock, the one-sided constraints of exam-oriented education,the serious challenge of information globalization and so on. Therefore, we muststrengthen the aesthetic education in an all-round way and hold a right attitude towards western aesthetics;“People first”, cultivating a correct aesthetic values positively;Actively exploring and refactoring college students’ aesthetic ethical and moral concepts;combining positive education with positive guidance, and effectively responding to thechallenges of globalization and so on. In a word, strengthening aesthetic educationreform, absorbing the positive factors of post-modern aesthetic ideological trend duringthe aesthetic education, eliminating the adverse effects as much as possible have vitalsignificance for promoting the contemporary college students to form correct aestheticview, values, outlook on life and world.
Keywords/Search Tags:Post Modernism, Aesthetic thought, The Contemporary CollegeStudents, Aesthetic Education, Aesthetic
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