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Current Situation And Promotional Suggestions Of Undergraduates’ Professional Socialization

Posted on:2013-09-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330395467644Subject:Applied Psychology
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Professional socialization is defined as a process for professionalization, and the experience in university is crucial for undergraduates’professional socialization. Low employment quality and insufficient professional socialization have already become typical problems in graduates’employment. This study aims to view the current situation of undergraduates’professional socialization, and explore how to improve professional socialization with career education.297undergraduates were surveyed by questionnaires and30related university staffs were interviewed. Results showed that, there are differences among decision-making self-efficacy, career values and career exploration, and efficient career exploration can improve positive career values. There are three main problems showed in university students’professional socialization:1) indistinct goal of career and weak problem-solve ability;2) high self-request and low passion of working;3) low practical experience and low professional ability.Career education has already taken shape in course, job placement, training base and other relative aspects according to the social requirements of undergraduate’s professional socialization, but there are still many problems unsolved. The current study proposed that, career education should be practical. The goal of career education should be professional socialization; the form of career education can be the combination of course, intern and supervised discussion; the content of career education should cover different levels of career decision-making self-efficacy, career values and career exploration.
Keywords/Search Tags:undergraduates, professional socialization, career education, career exploration
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