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High School Students' Present Situation Of Career Development And The Course Intervention Study

Posted on:2018-04-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Making career decisions is one of the most important missions in one's career development.The right career choice can help us improve self-satisfaction,life style and conducive to social development at the same time.In fact,high school is the key period to explore career direction and understand the professional information for senior students.In the continuous efforts to promote the career education for senior students in Zhejiang province in recent years,schools have accumulated a lot of experience in practice.Studies on career counseling have shown that the mature of professional ability has a long-term development stage.Because of career decisionmaking is regarded as a process of development,the concept of career maturity has been widely concerned.Career maturity is often used to measure development process in comparison with other individuals at the same stage of the career development.This study aims to explore the present situation of the ordinary high school students' career development level and the effect of intervening courses for the vocational maturity.First of all,this study has summarized the previous research achievements to explore the influence factors of students' career development.Then,this study investigated the students' career counseling needs after the college entrance examination reform and design a curriculum.At last,we conducted a questionnaire survey and interview in order to learn the effect of course intervention on the students' vocational maturity.It is found that:1.High school students' career maturity is in average.Their scores of career maturity on the different gender were showed no significant difference.The students as a class cadre master more professional knowledge than other students.High-achieving students has higher stability than lowachieving students in terms of career choice.2.Career-counseling demand of high school students mainly includes the volunteer,professional information,professional ideal,self-understanding,course selection to choose,familyunderstanding,learning motivation,exam anxiety.3.No matter whether to accept career course guidance,the high school students' knowledge of the professional world all has significant growth,and their independence,stability and confidence has dropped significantly.The initiative of students who accept career coaching has increased significantly.The utilitarian of students who did not receive the career coaching has increased significantly.4.Students who accept career coaching have a higher level of independence and selfconfidence than those who didn't have.Career counseling course can help students' career development.But schools still need to combine other methods to carry out career education.
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