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Study On The Operational Process Of Competitive Public Welfare Contract Outsourcing In The View Of Welfare Governance

Posted on:2014-02-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330395978059Subject:Social security
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More than30years since the implementation of reform and opening up policy, great changes have taken place on China’s social welfare development model, which is gradually from the country unit model suitable for the planned economic system model into the multiple delivery model of welfare suitable for a market economy。Meanwhile, the supply of the welfare service has tended to the trend of the government purchase of services from the whole arrangement of government. This service can be purchased through direct funding or public bidding.he corporation of the purchase will be founded by the way of direct allocates funds.The former one was commonly used while the latter one introduces competence into Purchase of service in order to improve the quality of welfare service,meet the welfare needs of vulnerable populations and achieve the goal of social services by open bidding.This paper, from the view of welfare governance theory and principal-agent theory,on the case study of D district in shanghai by the way of qualitative research methods in-depth field, analysis the operational process of competitive public welfare bidding program on from the three phrase including the establishment of cooperative relations,conflict and coordination supervision and evaluation,conclude the characteristics of the operational process,secondly analyzes the problems in the operation process and reasons from the three levels power center, role and division of labor and cooperation network three levels of the main body behavior; Finally from the social stability and social harmony height, to meet the diversified community welfare services needs, optimization of public bidding operation conditions and mechanism, and explore the government, social organizations, social work together to supply the path of welfare services.It is by the studies that the government, social organization, community and community residents are the main behavior body for the welfare public bidding program, mainly present competitive, materialized, division of labor cooperation, sharing resources characteristic, the innovation help change inefficient, the high cost and low quality of the status that government arranged welfare service, take full advantage of the social organizations which can make full use of community resources, provides the high quality in the welfare services. But any innovation is not successful. There are many deficiencies in the charity operational process.That the services contract not matching with the actual demand tender content, the inadequate of service supply body, the risk of adverse selection, lack of coordination between the local government and the bidding non-profit organization affects the effective implementation of the project. The emergence of a predicament is due to the immature civil society,the lack of participation of residents, the unsound of system facilities the lack of goals of project, on the basis of research, clearing the obligation between the government and non-profit organization, positioning scientific welfare service supply goal from the view of government, non-pro fit and society is necessary to create pluralism competitive environment in order to fulfill the service supply and efficiency maximization.
Keywords/Search Tags:the delivery of welfare service, competitive contract outsourcing, theoperational process, welfare governance
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