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A Research On The College Student Volunteers Participating The Innovation Of The Social Management

Posted on:2014-01-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Currently in a period of social transition, the face of an increasing number ofsocial problems, urgent transformation to adapt to the new situation of the historicaldevelopment of social governance, the central government will innovate the publicadministration as current the highest political issues has important historicalsignificance. Pluralism, diversity, and a comprehensive social management modelconstructed essentially requires the participation of social forces, and college studentsvolunteer groups undoubtedly occupies an important position.Current social development groups as a new generation of young people insociety subject, in the sense of social responsibility, dedication, professional quality ofcollege student volunteers demonstrated the advantages of the high, their participationin volunteer activities, exercise the overall quality and citizenship, contribution tosocial harmony and integration of its own strength. In this study based on informationobtained from questionnaires and interviews volunteers Jilin University, JilinUniversity, volunteers participate in social management of the status quo and problemsthrough the analysis of the survey results, summarized that college students volunteerservice activities At the working level, college students for social management has thesignificance of four areas: the concept level, the Student Volunteer Service to promotesocial management innovation in the ideological and cultural level, college studentsvolunteer spirit of social management innovation ideological motivation bymanagement to service; voluntary organizations for social management innovationmass base; alleviate social contradictions at the societal level, the Student Volunteerservices for the social management innovation. Therefore, the University ofvolunteer’s service has become an integral part of the innovation and social management. As can be seen from the study of volunteer service activities of JilinUniversity, college students volunteer service activities mainly showing the salientfeatures of the four aspects: voluntary service on the geographical space has begunshowing disseminated; service motivation on moral factors mainly utilitarian factorssupplemented; service content-based services to vulnerable groups; volunteer serviceactivities of the main ways to cooperate with government agencies and school leagueorganizations.However, despite the significant progress achieved in service activities ingeographical space, the project content, services such as, but which still exist manybarriers factor, plays a negative role in the promotion of social management innovation,its problems mainly includes four aspects: Students volunteer service organizationloose rigorous activities organizational procedures; narrow content of volunteer service,single target; volunteer service activities formality, not high performance; volunteerservice assurance mechanisms are inadequate, volunteers damage to the interests of thesituation more; related imperfect legal system, government management support is notin place. To solve these issues should be the level of student volunteers, volunteerservice organizational level, the government’s social management level. In the level ofstudent volunteers, should strengthen the moral training, volunteer service behaviorinto conscious personality structure, while improving the professional skills, qualifiedfor long periods, professional volunteer service tasks. In the level of voluntary serviceorganizations, should improve the recruitment mechanism, increase volunteer servicepropaganda; strengthening training mechanisms, improve the service skills of collegestudent volunteers; healthy volunteer service incentives; improve the volunteer serviceevaluation mechanism. At the level of the government’s social management, shouldimprove the legal and policy protection for volunteer service, and give full play to therole of the organization and coordination mechanism.
Keywords/Search Tags:College Student Volunteers, The innovation of the social management, Social participation
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