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High Precision Measurement And Control System In The Practical Electromagnetic Compatibility Design Technology Research

Posted on:2013-12-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J F WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330371494465Subject:Mechanical and electrical engineering
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High-precision measurement and control system has been widely used in mechanical and electrical systems, while with the improvement the accuracy, electromagnetic interference has become the important factor that affects the accuracy of measurement-control and reliability of measurement-control system. By self-designing the universal measurement and control board, this topic realizes the acquisition and processing of high-precision measurement signal and the outputting of control signal, and researching electromagnetic compatibility method in the design process. This topic uses the existing tensile testing machine as the control object to verify the performance of the monitoring-control board and do the electromagnetic compatibility test of measurement-control board and electromechanical system which is compose of measurement-control system and testing machine. By comparing the different methods of experimental results, we can sum up the practical electromagnetic compatibility design rules.The control system of material testing machine requires high-precision data acquisition and the real-time data processing and display which are transmitted to the host computer. To meet the above requirements, a kind of measurement-control system for material testing machine based on FPGA and USB2.0has been proposed. FPGA controls the timing logic of the functional modules as the main controller. Data transfer functions have been implemented with USB2.0and the host computer software based on VC has also been programmed to realize the interaction of the host and slave machine. The hardware part of the monitoring and control system mainly consists of three functional modules. They are servo drive module, data acquisition module and data communications module; the software part consists of logic design of each module in FPGA, the firmware of USB and the host computer program. Specimen tensile test has been done on monitoring and control system with material testing machine, which verifies the effectiveness of the monitoring and control card.In this paper the measurement and control system of material testing machine as the target for electromagnetic compatibility design, This topic finished the following aspects specifically:(1) High-precision data acquisition module with the analog test accuracy is better than0.1%;(2) The control of the servo motor movement, host computer issued a control command, control commands passed to the FPGA through the USB interface and FPGA run the internal PWM pulse program to control the motor movement;(3) Implementation USB data transfer function with chip CY7C68013A;(4) Programmed monitoring and control software for host machine to achieve human-computer interaction; (5) Verify the accuracy and stability of the measurement and control system through the experiment.(6) Through the study of electromagnetic compatibility basic theory and standards, and through the relevant emc simulation software to do the electromagnetic compatibility design and simulation optimization.
Keywords/Search Tags:FPGA, USB, EMC, Measurement and Control System, The HostComputer
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