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Automatic Measurement And Control System Of Inner Circle Diameter Based On FPGA

Posted on:2015-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2268330431454304Subject:Detection Technology and Automation
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The precision of inner circle diameter measurement and control system is the security of theprecision machining industry. How to improve the precision is important for our equipmentmanufacturing industry and science technology. This paper mainly introduces the workingprinciple of automatic control system of inner circle diameter, and introduces thesubdivision of grating sensor. In order to improve the segmentation accuracy of gratingsensor in the premise of ensuring the tracking speed, it puts forward the grating segmentationmethod based on intelligent digital phase locking technique and studies the relationshipbetween the fine fraction and grating tracking speed. Phase lock is in shortest time and trackis in fastest speed in the case of stable output signal.This paper introduces the working principle the inner circle diameter, and introducesthe subdivision of grating sensor. The hardware of the system consists of signal processingcircuit, FPGA intelligent phase-locked subdivision module hardware circuit, single-chipperipheral circuit etc. The main function of the signal processing circuit is to process theoutput signal of grating sensor. The hardware circuit of FPGA intelligent phase-lockedsubdivision module mainly consists of carrier modulation circuit, adder circuit, band-passfilter circuit, comparator circuit and peripheral circuit of FPGA. The function of carriermodulation circuit is carrier modulation on the signal. The effect of adding circuit is theaddition signal carrier modulated. The function of band pass filter is to filter the signal. Thefunction of comparison circuit is to restore the modulated signals. FPGA completes theprocess of subdividing based on the intelligent phase-locked subdivision algorithm.The software of the system mainly includes intelligent phase-locked subdivisionalgorithm, control program and the host computer software design. The software design ofintelligent phase-locked subdivision algorithm can guarantee the tracking speed and makesthe segmentation accuracy maximization. The MCU software mainly completes the control ofthe system while the host computer software completes the human-computer interaction.
Keywords/Search Tags:FPGA, DPLL, Grating Sensor, Signal Processing
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