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Design And Research Of Embedded Automatic Measurement System Based On FPGA

Posted on:2009-04-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360272979667Subject:Computer application technology
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It is reported that it's in great demand for quantitative packaging commodities in China. For an instance, metallurgy enterprises alone need to update and replace up to 5000 pieces of various industrial measure equipment, let alone other industrial departments and commercial parts. This trend calls for immediate solution for reversing the current situation of relative backward technology for automatic quantitative measure control apparatuses in our country. To ensure of the measure accuracy, the measure speed must be lowered appropriately, which in turn influences the accuracy of measure. One side affects the other, and restricts the other. Therefore how to improve the accuracy and speed of measure system has been one of the tough problems that need immediate solution for enterprises' factories.Based on this, this paper explores the measure system for powder products. Double-processor dynamic measure system using FPGA is designed. The double processors control different links in this system, and they work on the same chip. Compared to the currently widely used single processor structured products, it possesses high performance and needs less costs. To further speed up system operation, double processors are used for shared resources access in hardware implementation, and the detailed implementation method is described. FM24 is designed in Verilog language to read and write IP soft core, which attains high speed of reading and writing for external devices. Then it is integrated into the proposed system after function verification. After careful investigation into complex filter algorithm and difference complementary method, this paper puts up forward a feedback control approach using the first time measure difference and material flux to modify switching coefficient in real time. It has the advantage of efficiently dealing with the interference outside the system that complex sampling filter algorithm suffers from, in addition to the merits of online processing abilities that difference complementary method is short of. The measure accuracy is improved at the same time.Finally, the experimental platform is established. CycloneII EP2C8 from Altera company is utilized as major chip, and two NiosII soft cores act as processors to implement high accuracy real time measure for powder materials. And the experimental results prove the effectiveness of the proposed method, which lay good foundation for future further research works.
Keywords/Search Tags:Double-processor, Dynamic Measurement, Feedback Control, Embedded System, Soft Core
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