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The Influence Of Upgrading The Industrial Structure Of Gansu Province By Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Posted on:2013-03-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2249330392950785Subject:Industrial Economics
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In recent years, with the gradual progress of western development, as the benefitregion, Gansu absorb a certain amount of international investment, and foreign directinvestment (FDI) has a very important role in promoting its economic development,which become the very important part of economic development in Gansu extremely.How to positively, rationally and effectively use the FDI with all kinds of advantagesin resources, make up deficiencies, push related industry technology progress and theoptimization of the industrial structure upgrade is increasingly becoming an importantissue faced by the region’s economic development of Gansu.Research indicates that the impact of FDI for the host country or regionalindustrial structure has the two aspects, namely, positive and negative role. In thispaper, under the guidance of the theory of industrial structure and international directinvestment theory, actively absorb domestic and international research on therelationship between FDI and industrial structure, select series data of Gansu Provincefrom1999to2010, including FDI among the three industries in Gansu developmentstatus and distribution of combining theoretical analysis,starting from the point ofview of industrial structure, combined with the distribution of FDI among the threeindustries in Gansu, and specific analysis the role and impact of FDI upgrading theindustrial structure of Gansu.The analysis showed that FDI mainly went into the secondary industry of Gansu,especially the technology and capital-intensive industrial sectors, improve theindustrial structure of Gansu Province, and enhance the competitiveness of industry inGansu, but also lead to technology and capital-intensive in Gansu industry highlydependent on FDI; Granger causality theory test confirmed that the one-way ortwo-way causal relationship exists between Gansu FDI and optimization of industrialstructure, as follows: Gansu’s primary industry of FDI in the primary sector GDPvalue-added changes playa minor role, but Gansu’s GDP in the first industry toincrease the value changes caused by the entry of FDI; the role played by the Gansu’sGDP in the second industry to increase the value of changes in the secondary industryof FDI is very small, but is the second in Gansu of FDI into the industry caused by thesecondary industry GDP has increased the value of the change; the Gansu third industry FDI and the tertiary sector GDP value added between the mutuallyreinforcing role. Overall, the introduction of FDI in the quantity and quality of Gansusecond industry far more than and better than the first, third industry, so the necessaryguidance to achieve a relatively balanced development of the introduction of FDI.Finally, the paper binding assay results described in detail how to use FDI to achievethe Gansu industrial structure of the strategic adjustment of measures.
Keywords/Search Tags:FDI, Industrial structure, Econometric analysis
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