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Research On The Shenyang Neusotf Group Merger SESCA Company Culture Integration

Posted on:2013-10-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2249330395452120Subject:Business management
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As the rapid expansion of enterprises´╝îmerger, as an effective wayhas been favored. So far, the world has experienced mergers andacquisitions for five times. Entering the twenty-first Century, mergers andacquisitions showed characteristics of higher amount, wider range andlarger scale. But from the performance of mergers and acquisitions, theresults are not so good as thought. Many institutions and scholars studyshows that, the success rate of M&A is not high because of the mergerbetween the insufficient understanding of cultural differences and culturalintegration after the combination of improper measures. Therefore, it isimportant to study how to improve the performance of mergers andacquisitions to achieve synergistic effect of great significance. With therapid growth of economic strength, in recent years, merger andacquisition activity in our country enterprise also increased. Merger andacquisition is still new to our country enterprise. We should pay particularattention to draw lessons from others in the aspect.The paper consists of six chapters. The first chapter mainly explainsthe research background and the main basis of the domestic and foreignresearch results, outline, the main objective of the study and significance,research ideas and methods. The second chapter elaborates the theory ofmergers and acquisitions, culture conflict theory and the theory ofcultural integration. The third chapter chiefly introduces basic situation ofShenyang Neusoft group and SESCA company after the mergers, cultureof the enterprise as well as the merger operation status.In the fourthchapter, the Shenyang Neusoft group and SESCA company merger andacquisition as the case, the merger enterprise culture conflict problemsand causes are analyzed. The fifth chapter of the corporate cultureintegration puts forward improvement strategy. The sixth chaptersummarizes the whole passage. The main conclusions are:(1) the establishment of rules andregulations, strengthening of enterprise system integration;(2) theestablishment of new enterprise culture;(3) strengtheningcommunication with employees;(4) the informal organization in theprocess of cultural integration;(5) reasonable chioce of the mode ofcultural integration;(6) the necessary training of corporate culture.
Keywords/Search Tags:Culture conflict, Mergers and acquisitions, Culture integration, Culture Differences
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