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Research On Innovation Financing Of Sci-tech Medium And Small-sized Enterprises

Posted on:2019-03-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of China's economy,and as the trend of economic globalization continues to deepen,the adjustment of the industrial structure,the deepening of economic restructuring,and the transformation of the economic growth model are China's current primary goals.Among these,science and technology enterprises are the main force in China's transformation and upgrading.Throughout the course of global development,technology-based companies have played a crucial role in the economic development of modern and developed countries.However,the difficulties faced by the technology-based enterprises,especially the science and technology-oriented enterprises at the initial stage,are also an important aspect that restricts their development.Therefore,how to help them break through the bottleneck of financing has become the focus of enterprises,banks,and even the government,and has been striving to study and solve problems.In its initial stage,technology-based enterprises often have less collateral because of their light assets,difficulties in realizing intellectual property,and lack of commercial reputation.At the same time,as technology-based companies are highly professional,they often do not understand the companies and their industries from the perspective of banks,resulting in asymmetric information between banks and companies,and banks cannot accurately estimate risks and benefits.These are the reasons that lead to the financing problems of SMEs.In this paper,through the theoretical research on the basic theory of enterprise financing,the life cycle of the enterprise,and combing domestic and foreign literatures.First,it elaborated on the latest definition of SMEs in the country.Afterwards,based on the problems of the SMEs themselves,the characteristics,development status,financing status,and major issues in the financing of SMEs were analyzed.It also introduced and compared the different financing models of technology-based SMEs.On this basis,the financing issues of SMEs at differentStages of development were compared through case analysis.From the perspective of the enterprise,by analyzing the financial status of the company and taking bank financing cases as an entry point,it focuses on analyzing the way companies obtain financial support from banks and other financing channels.Help science and technology SMEs understand financing policies,and sum up corporate development financing recommendations.Finally,on the basis of theoretical research and case analysis,the suggestions for perfecting the financing policy for science and technology SMEs are put forward.Including improving the financing system for science and technology SMEs,making full use of financing channels such as parks and government guarantee innovations to form a platform for the pledge of intellectual property rights for science and technology companies,and strengthening the financing support for SMEs by banks to help the development of science and technology SMEs.In theory and practice,it will contribute to China's adjustment of the structure of the economic industry,deepening reform of the economic system,and transforming the mode of economic growth.
Keywords/Search Tags:Technology-based enterprise, SMEs, Financing model, Financial services, Policy support
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