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Deformation-thermo-hydrological Numerical Modeling For The Metallogenesis

Posted on:2014-05-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W ShaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2250330401989091Subject:Mineralogy, petrology, ore deposits
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Metallogenic system this great time and space scale complicated system, it isonly through the geodynamics computational modeling method to reveal theevolution of the whole system process.ZhongGu ore field is an important iron mining area in the Yangtze Rivermetallogenic belt, ZhongGu ore field within the Baixiangshan type iron deposit animportant representative of Baixiangshan iron deposit is one of the typical irondeposit in ZhongGu ore field. In this thesis, the Baixiangshan iron deposit ofZhongGu ore field, was studied through three-dimensional geological modeling andmetallogenic dynamics computational modeling. By using of the SURPAC formodeling tool, three-dimensional geological modeling. By programming, thehexahedron model namely block model of SURPAC is transferred to the Brickelement model of FLAC3D numerical simulation software. Established theBaixiangshan three-dimensional mesh model. Through the field typical geologicalsection map and combined with Baixiangshan three-dimensional mesh model,usingthe FISH language of the FLAC3D,Establish the three-dimensional mesh model ofthe field three typical geological section map. Based on the geological investigation,the mesh model involved the coupled mechano-thermo-hydrological processes isconstructed and computed by numerical method, according to the results ofnumerical modeling to analyze the dynamics mechanism of ore-forming andore-controlling factors.The main outcomes in this thesis include the following4aspects:(1)The3D shape of the strata、rock、ore body and the spatial relationship of themain ore body with other geological factors are revealed by three-dimensionalgeological modeling, and it is discovered that ore body is controlled by both theBaixiangshan anticline structure and rock mass.(2)The complex geological entity mode is transferred to the FLAC3D model through programming the transferring of the hexahedron-mesh model of SURPACinto the Brick element model of FLAC3D. Using this method establishedthree-dimensional mesh model model of the Baixiangshan iron deposit.(3)Based on the geological investigation and combined with Baixiangshanthree-dimensional mesh model,Select the field three typical geological section map,using the FISH language of the FLAC3D through the programming to establish thethree-dimensional mesh model of the field three typical geological section map forgeodynamic numerical modeling provides a finite difference grid model.(4)The results of geodynamics computational modeling experimentsdemonstrate that, the Baixiangshan iron deposit formation is closely associatedwith coupled geodynamic processes during the syn-tectonic cooling of the intrusion,and the coupled mechano-thermo-hydrological processes result in the generation ofthe fluid-focus dilation space in the sandshale of the Yellow MaQing group, createda favorable metallogenic space for forming Baixiangshan near-bedded ore body.
Keywords/Search Tags:Baixiangshan iron deposit, Geodynmamics computational modeling, FLAC3D, FISH language, Three-dimensional mesh model
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