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The Study On Accumu Lator Fast Forging Subsystem Of0.6MN Sinusoida L Pump-contro L LDE Press

Posted on:2014-12-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330392964570Subject:Mechanical and electrical engineering
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As a new type of forging equipment, fast forging hydrau Lic press began to deve Lopin the1960s. It’s high-speed forging, high precision contro L earns it praise. With the deveLopment of industry, peop Le have increasing Ly high demand on performance of forginghydrau Lic press. They not on Ly want to improve the forging speed, whi Le ensuring thedimensiona L accuracy of the forging, but a Lso to reduce energy Loss. In this context,the pump-contro L Led fast forging press system came into being. The accumu Lator fastforging system of pump-contro L Led press is famous with it’s fast response, easi Lyachieving fast forging, simp Le pipe Line, Leaking Less, easy maintenance, generatingLess heat, significant energy saving, Long Life, Less vibration and shock. It is one ofthe best scheme for the forging industry to reduce costs and improve the efficiency.The system of fast forging press is non Linear, varying Load disturbed and compLex objects, and it’s parameters change much. So it has important theoretica Lsignificance and practica L va Lue to use power bond graph to ana Lyse it’s static anddynamic characteristics.Re Lying on the specia Lized research fund for the doctora L program of highereducation “Basic Theoretica L Research On The Sine Pump-Contro L Led Free ForgingPress System”, this paper comp Lete the fo L Lowing work primari Ly.First Ly, use power bond graph to mode L the key components of the system, incLuding variab Le radia L piston pump, pipe Line, hydrau Lic cy Linder, accumu Lator.And the differentia L equation of system is derived based on power bond graph. Then buiLt simu Lation mode L of system with MATLAB/Simulink according to the equation ofsystem;Second Ly, simu Late the system with the traditiona L PID contro L Ler, and try tomake sure that the system have a good dynamic response characteristics. Then ana Lysethe inf Luence on the static and dynamic characteristics of the system of forging frequency,forging stroke, initia L pressure and accumu Lator vo Lume;Third Ly, in order to verify the correctness of the theory and simu Lation resu Lts,bui Ld the experimenta L p Latform of0.6MN accumu Lator fast forging system of pump-contro L Led press and experiment.
Keywords/Search Tags:accumu Lator, parameter matching, fast forging hydrau Lic press, bond graph
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