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Management And Reuse Policy Of Electronic-Waste In Jiangsu Province

Posted on:2012-10-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330398492445Subject:Environmental Engineering
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Jiangsu is a large province with electric and electronic products production, export and consumption. As the electric and electronic products are out-of-date so quickly, electronic wastes increased day by day. These wastes will be harmful to human health and environmental security if these are not treated effectively. Electronic wastes components are complex but many compositions have high recycling value. Recently, Our country pay more attention to electronic waste disposal. In order to perfect the building of domestic appliances recycling and disassembling-treatment systems quickly, the country have passed lots of targeted laws and put forward a pilot scheme of "trading old for new" on five kinds of domestic appliances in nine province and city. However, compared to developed countries, it is still exist the imperfect legal system and recovery system with lower recovery, lower processing technical level of enterprise as well as serious secondary pollution, etc.The study analyzed the production and consumption of electronic products in Jiangsu province firstly, and collected electronic waste data of recent years. Finally, we utilized grey model to forecast electronic waste yields in the next few years of Jiangsu province.Then, e-waste recycling system, e-waste management system and e-waste treatment and disposal status of Jiangsu Province were investigated in this paper. According to can keep on the development and circulating economy strategy, problems in e-waste management and treatment, such as unperfect laws and regulations, unsound recycling system and low disassembly skill level, need to be solved by proposing relative strategies from points of rational layout, large-scale operations and the construction of centralized treatment installations to achieve the whole process management in recycling, utilizing and disposing of e-waste, realizing the virtuous circle of e-waste treatment finally.The last part is about reclamation, treatment and dispose of e-waste. Based on looking up numerical data and full investigation and analysis, advantages and disadvantages of kinds of e-waste treatment technologies were discussed and compared with foreign treatment technologies. Considering on different kinds of recycling products and present technical levels, The combination of disassembly, wet treatment and pyrometallurgy will be suitable for present situation in Jiangsu Province for recycling e-waste, and some strategies, such as allocating environmental facilities, adopting applicable treatment procedures and exploiting advanced production technologies, were proposed.
Keywords/Search Tags:Electronic-waste, management system, recycling system, reclamatio
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