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The Recovery Of The Distribution Network Fault Based On Multi-agent Theory

Posted on:2014-11-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R F PangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2252330392964269Subject:Power system and its automation
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The recovery of the distribution network fault is a comprehensive optimization withmultiple targets, discreteness and non-linear combination. Basically, it is a combination ofswitch operations using a certain optimization algorithm while satisfying the constraintconditions to achieve tasks such as the power recovery of the loss load, reducingoperations of the switch and the minimum network loss after recovery. This paper hasdone an in-depth research of the recovery of multiple faults and the large-scale distributionnetwork fault. The main content of this paper is as follows.Firstly, this paper has done an in-depth research of topological structure and loadflow calculation of the distribution network. According to the basic theory of diagram, weconsidered the distribution network as the equivalent to the undirected graph. After thispaper analyzed the theory of breadth-first search algorithm and depth-first searchalgorithm, this paper combined the breadth-first search algorithm and theforward-backward sweep load flow algorithm, becoming the advanced forward-backwardsweep load flow algorithm. Therefore, we have obtained the algorithmic process.Secondly, this paper has carried on a research of multiple faults of the distributionnetwork. This paper brought up a rapid recovery strategy for multiple faults of thedistribution network which is based on the mobile multiple Agent. It’s also built thesystem which includes the generatrix Agent and command center Agent. During theprocess of the recovery, the main task-management Agent in the command center Agentsplit the task into multiple tasks according to the situation of the fault. After one Agentaccomplished its task, its result returned to the main calculating Agent and completed therecovery strategy with the comprehensive evaluation of the solutions. This methodachieved the management of multiple faults with flexibility and extendibility.Lastly, with the background of large-scale smart distribution network havingdistributed power supplies, we brought out the recovery strategy of large-scale smartdistribution network faults. This method divided the loss load domain into severalsub-domains, according to the lapping-division principle. Meanwhile, it designed the triple recovery controlling-system of smart distribution network which solved the problem ofagency coordination synchronization and agency’s access of large amount of information,greatly reduced the time of the recovery. Besides of that, the method added bind at the endof the loss load zone formed islanding when managing the distributed power supply,reduced the effect of the islanding to the other loss load.
Keywords/Search Tags:recovery of the distribution network fault, multiple faults, mobile Agent, smart distribution network, partition recovery, distributed generators
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