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Research And Application Of Feeder Automation System Based In The Ring Distribution Network

Posted on:2015-02-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J X ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2252330431452411Subject:Motor and electrical appliances
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Feeder automation is the core of distribution automation, and the automation directaffect the health of the entire power system. Currently, feeder automation system in ourcountry has high failure rate, a large number of power outages and blackouts area, andfault location and isolation for a long time, lack of detection of the mechanical propertiesof the switch body and so on. In this paper, because of the above defect a new feederautomation system is developed, the system combines the local control and the remotecontrol, and adds detecting module of the mechanical properties on the switch body, andoptimizes data storage, communication and protection logic, the system greatly reducestroubleshooting time, the number of regular inspection, and saves a lot of manpower andmaterial resources, and improves the reliability of the power system.The feeder automation system designed has three structures: switchgear, feederterminal and the main station. Switchgear use mainly outdoor permanent magnetic actuatorvacuum circuit breaker, it has many advantages reliable operation, for example, longelectrical life, simple mechanical structure etc.; feeder terminal not only has the traditionalline protection, but also has mechanical characteristics detection of switch body; Mainstation can achieve fast fault location, isolation, and non-power zone restoration, and faultlocation is accurate, the time of fault isolation is short, etc., and can display the entireoperating parameters of the power grid. These three devices cooperating can quickly healline fault.This design of feeder automation mainly relies on communication systems, in normalcommunication, all the information collected is sent to the station to analyze the operatingconditions; in interrupt communication, the feeder terminal line has three protection mode,principle line,branch and contact switch protection mode, feeder protection mode can befreely set according to the location of the switch in the circuit,Switch in the line canachieve fault location, isolation, and non-fault area to restore power function by mutualcooperation between the protection logic, but need a relatively long time.Finally, the solution of feeder automation is applied to an urban transformation project in guizhou, the transformation of the former: the switching device of the county is mainlyconsist of traditional manually switch equipment, and does not have the automatic faultidentification and isolation. When a line is fault, substation outlet switch acts as protection,causing widespread power outages, and power troubleshooting and recovery need a longtime, and manually restore power to the site is inevitable, so the reliability is not high.After transformation: carrying out a pilot about the construction of distribution automationhas improved the power supply facilities, and achieved to timely removal fault point,narrow the scope of power outages, improved reliability and quality of power supply. Afterthe establishment of feeder automation system that can realize the line switchingequipment remote control, remote communicate, remote telemetry, and remote adjustmentcapabilities.
Keywords/Search Tags:Feeder automation systems, feeder terminal, protection logic, self-healing
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