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Research And Application Of New Feeder Automation System For Distribution Power Grid

Posted on:2017-03-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At present,the high failure rate,the large number of blackouts,a large power failure area,the slow fault isolation,the long fault processing time,and the lack of real-time monitoring function of the line switch itself generally appear to domestic feeder automation systems.In terms of all the above problems,this paper presents a feeder automation system based on circuit breaker and FTU,which combines the local control and remote control,takes the advantages of two kinds of control management to accelerate the fault isolation and process and reduce the power outage area,ensuring the reliability of feeder system power supply.In this paper,a new FTU feeder terminal unit is designed.This new unit integrates the protection of the traditional FTU feeder terminal and the real-time detection of the mechanical properties on switch itself.On switching,it can monitor the contact displacement,the speed of connect and disconnect,the vibration of the machinery box and other parameters on line.To deal with the parameters obtained by on-line monitoring system,the hidden dangers of the switch can be discovered in time so that the problems can be eliminated before power failure,which not only can make the operation of the switch state clear,also shorten the investigation time on the switch and reduce the frequency of switch overhaul.This paper presents three protection mode including main line,branch line,switch-contact protection mode.The protection logics of the three protection modes are different,and the appropriate protection logic is selected according to the different forms of the line.In this paper,the protection logic covers voltage-time,current-time,and voltage-current.Selecting the appropriate protection mode and protection logic according to the scene of the line and its operation can reduce the fault isolation time and the frequecy of switching actions.At the meantime it can solve the problem to set protection settings and protection time,which the complexed line wiring form leads to,and make it easier to set protection parameters.At last,the scheme of feeder automation system is applied to Qinhuangdao feederautomation improvement,the reliability of distribution network in Qinhuangdao area is improved,and the average annual fault isolation time is shortened from the hour level to the minute level.Qinhuangdao thoroughly has realized feeder automation.Data obtained from the real-time monitoring can support the design,planning,operation and maintenance the on distribution network,and provide reference data for the rationalization of the line laying and Economic operation.
Keywords/Search Tags:feeder automation, feeder terminal, FTU, fault processing, protected mod
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