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Study On The Rural Social Security Objects In The Song Dynasty

Posted on:2014-12-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Study on social security-related problems in the Song dynasty,Academia there is little research through the perspective of urban-rural differences.Song dynasty was important in ancient Chinese society transformation period,The unprecedented development of commodity economy during the Song dynasty,City dominated by commercial and agricultural village of progressive differentiation,And because of the urban and rural areas are divided into two different accounts,Now become urban and rural dual split.On the social security,Cities on the one hand to establish a relatively sound poverty-relief sick orphans,buried, official bodies such as Salesian.Such as fu tian yuan,ju yang yuan,an ji fang,ci you ju,And so on,For those who are down and out beyond the survival of people carry out the salvage operation.On the other hand,Outside the warehouse in the village apart from a little,Civil charity and mutual assistance to fill the gaps in Government to protect, On social stability plays an active role.The implementation and follow-up of social security based on guaranteed to,Because of differences in urban and rural dual economy,Resulted in social security resources configuration of,As well as rural land issues, population issues,regional issues, management issues, their complexity,Determines the new changes in rural social security in the Sung dynasty there have been many.There is no doubt,Proportion of the rural population is greater than in the Song dynasty city,Village there is a number of groups in need of social security.In view of this,Considering this article is:Has an important place in the history of ancient Chinese society in the Song dynasty under the era of,What are the objects of rural social security in the Song dynasty?Causes of village security objects in the Song dynasty, the number of situations, such as how?This is a fascinating question.This paper the Song dynasty research on rural social security guarantees for objectives,Discussion on the means for it,And on rural social security recipients to make a more systematic and accurate grooming,Interpretation in progressive development of the dual system of the Song dynasty under the tide of problems of rural social security objects in the Song dynasty.Rural social safeguard objects in the Song dynasty,Disasters can be divided into the crowd,Famine in the crowd,Poverty population,Vulnerable groups,Special groups,Five types of people.So,These five groups in specific situations of the rural social security is here to study and description of problem.Therefore,This article with a view to adopting the interpretation of rural social security objects in the Song dynasty,Thus summed up in period of social transformation of rural social safeguard objects in the Song dynasty,Discuss the characteristics of rural social security objects in the Song dynasty, village social issues such as the nature and historical role.Full text is divided into an introduction, body and conclusion in three parts:Introduction part introduces the topic research results, as well as issues related to the meaning of this article. While,Theoretical orientation and research methods as well as the main thrust of this article explains the concept and related issues require attention,Theories, methods, as well as information on three basic concepts to be clarified.Six-part body,Focused on the following areas:The first part of is Song background and basic elements of rural social security.First of all,Differentiation of urban-rural dual system in the Song dynasty,Song dynasty on the economic function of the city greatly enhanced,Rural-urban gap growing,Social security has gaps.Second,From the land, population, geography, managing four separate villages, such as the complexity of the situation. At last,On basic elements of social security in rural areas can be broadly classified into relief in the Song dynasty and poor aspects.The second part of is Crowd disasters. Song dynasty was an era of troubled,The incidence and extent of disasters far more than former..By the disaster affected population as a result of complex structure, a huge number.Disaster profiles this section from the Song dynasty and the population structure and the number of hazards, disasters and so on,To comb the crowd.The three part of is Famine in the crowd,Focuses on crowd situation of famine and its composition,Discuss the relationship between disasters and famine,Issues such as timing and duration of the famine.Thus summed up the famine there in winter and spring, or disaster occurred two hours in summer and autumn.As well as property of class differences and famine levels of different characteristics.The four part of is Poverty population,In this section,Dealt primarily with the poor definition of the concept of number, composition, survival and the existence of the State.And starting from the causes and means of livelihood, and so to discuss the often overlooked and swam two groups of beggars.The five part of is Vulnerable groups,Song dynasty general vulnerable groups can be divided into:The elderly, children, women and persons with disabilities.This section from the concept of the four groups, living conditions, security reasons, starting with number,To outline its basic system.The six part of is Special groups, Huan, poor scholars’and students’poverty, respectively; reformed people addressed each of three groups of minorities,These identities are more special or has a special status of social groups.Final conclusions,Due to accelerated economic development of urban-rural dual antithesis in the Song dynasty,Social security also makes the song appeared the differences between rural and urban areas,Which proves that the song position of social transformation.As far as the rural social safeguard objects of the Song dynasty,With its own unique characteristics.In the village to help "poor people",Attaches to vulnerable groups in rural areas is higher than the previous generation.On the guarantee program,Depending on the different security object,"Different" way.And summary of the characteristics of the rural social safeguard objects of the Song dynasty,Discuss issues of nature of rural society in the Song dynasty,That the issue of poverty.Discussion of rural social gap between rich and poor,Social security to ensure social stability,To maintain social control,Restoration of production and regulation of the distribution of wealth in history.
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