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On Rural Barn Storage Security System Operated In Loess Plateau Area Of Shaanxi Province In QinyDynasty

Posted on:2003-09-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2155360062480693Subject:History of Ancient China
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Barn Storage became an important part in social security system in ancient China . In Qing Dynasty , the rural barn storage security system was set up in loess plateau area of Shaanxi Province , which played an active role in helping the peasants in this area to get through hunger , continue production and maintain the social security . And how was the barn set up and developed ? What is the characteristics of its management and function ? What is the role it played in resolving the problem about hunger ? What is the impact it had on the production and the living ? And how about the level of the security ? This paper attempts to research into rural barn storage security system operated in loess plateau of Shaanxi Province in terms of the questions mentioned above .The author in this essay introduced firstly the previous scholar's study on it . Then discuss the organization and management of the rural barn storage in loess plateau of Shaanxi Province , Which mainly includes 4 aspects such as its variety , its setting up , the source of barn grains and its management and function . Next , to analyse the characteristics of storage in different periods and regional difference . Finally , to investigate the security standard of barn storage system under different circumstances , including the conditions of storage in these years without famine , in the years with hunger and starvation .From the study above , the barn storage security system operated in loess plateau rural area of Shaanxi Province in QirrtDynasty , has shown the principles such as "equal opportunity , relative fairness", "to protect the group benefits where the barn located ", " regional decision "and "leaving grain only enough for present use and reserve morefor future use", etc . The development of grain storage can be seen 4 stages-----thebeginning , the development , the declining , the reconstruction and collapse while the time is considered as limits, the 30th year of Emperor Kangxi (1691),the 13th year of Emperor QianLong(1748),the 3rd year of Emperor GuangXu(1877).While the system was set up , the population should be concerned first. Yet the scale of barn has something to do with the amount of population regardless of the population of the loess plateau or that of every area such as in the north of Shaanxi, in Guanzhong or in smaller counties . It turns out that something else also influenced the building and development of the barn besides the population , such as the local productivity , the ability of self梀elief of the farmers ,and transportation and the military .Then how about the level of security system? When no famine or less serious circumstances happened .the barn storage did a good job , and it could be full dependent , but when serious hunger and starvation took place , barns couldn't have aillgood supply and couldn't completely solve all the problems about it . It was a transitional way only before other reliefs was provided by the government.In order to meet the needs discussed just now , barn must have and keep a certain scale . But there was a difference between the actual scale and that recorded in documents . The difference may be distinct some where or sometime . If the scale of barns was analysed according to the records in documents , the barns could have provided sufficient grain relief when no famine happened or under the situation of less serious hunger and starvation . Even when there was a famine ,relief grain still could be enough supplied . Yet, the numbers of barns was only that written in account books . In reality, because of embezzlement, misappropriation of public funds , and insufficient or no compensation , the actual stored grain in barns and supplied grains couldn't meet the needs required in the documents .Under the circumstances of undeveloped productivity , low standard of the people's living , to set up barn storage system and other systems , the investment from government is the key point. Moreover , to provide security storage grains or funds for specific purpose , and...
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