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Performance And Rheological Analyses Are Pictures Artistic Value

Posted on:2014-05-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Yangjiabu New Year Paintings Art as a kind of hundreds of years of history oftraditional folk art form, is not only an early window nature, production of humancognition, is also a kind of interpretation of Chinese folk art and culture.In the evolution process of hundreds of years, artistic characteristics, the value oftheir own form of continuously improve, continuously strengthen the vitality,constantly deepen the people to the folk art sense of identity and belonging. The earlypeople by making new year paintings to beg for the good crop weather, until the lateNew Year paintings maker has directed a production practice of the objective reality,New Year paintings implication is apparent, so that people on the folk art of a sense ofbelonging, cognitive deepen.With the rapid development of China’s modern economy culture, Yangjiabu NewYear Paintings Art hit, cash for continuous fault scale drastically reduced, art creators,regional regulation is not perfect and so on a series of factors have led Yang Jiabu toNew Year paintings art gradually dim down, making the traditional cultural forms isunable to carry on, the worse is Yang Jiabu New Year paintings own value form,connotation gradually fading out of people’s vision. The artistic creation of the soilgradually out of the line of sight of people, lost development foundation due, resultingin developing their own problems, can’t adapt to the development of the situation ofcurrent economic and cultural.To seize the obstacle to Yangjiabu New Year paintings on at the same time, moreshould remedy actively promote robust, increase integrated strength talent, improvethe construction of related disciplines, the Yangjiabu radiate vigor and vitality! At thesame time, not with the folk disconnected, find by hard and thorough search, onlyattention to folk connotation and the new economic situation to make it shine on folkart arena, continue to pass on!...
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