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Research On The Development And Characteristics Of Yangjiabu New Year's Paintings After The Reform And Opening Up

Posted on:2022-11-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As a traditional folk art,new year painting is a spiritual and cultural carrier that embodies and reflects the simple aesthetic orientation and good will of the people.With the continuous change of society,New Year pictures are also innovating.With the change of the times,New Year pictures show a variety of contents.During the Song Dynasty,the society was prosperous,the citizens had more demand for festival decoration,and the New Year pictures began to develop;During the Qing Dynasty,with the development of agricultural production,New Year pictures further penetrated into the vast rural areas;After the victory of the Chinese revolution,the social system changed,and the New Year picture was advocated by the state.At this time,the New Year picture became a kind of painting to celebrate the new life To inherit New Year pictures,we must first understand new year pictures and then combine them with the characteristics of the times,so as to better promote the development of New Year pictures.This paper is divided into five parts.The first chapter is the introduction,including the background and significance of the topic,the main purpose and content of the research,literature review and research methods;The second chapter introduces Yangjiabu traditional New Year pictures and New Year pictures,the development history from traditional New Year pictures to New Year pictures,and explains the development background of New Year pictures.The third chapter introduces the development of Yangjiabu New Year Painting after the reform and opening up.The fourth chapter is the key chapter,which describes the characteristics of the times in Yang Jiabu's New Year paintings since the reform and opening up.With the main line of the representative works of the New Year paintings,it explains the changes in the functions and styles of the New Year paintings in this period,including what innovations have been made in content,expression forms and techniques.
Keywords/Search Tags:Yangjiabu traditional New Year Painting, Yangjiabu New Year Painting, formalism, synchronicity
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