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Research And Application Of Charater Modeling In Zhuxian Town Wood Printing New Year Pictures

Posted on:2020-06-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Zhuxianzhen woodcut New Year pictures have attracted the attention and love of people from all walks of life in recent years because of their cultural,historical and artistic characteristics.Its unique simplicity and childishness make it distinct from other Chinese New Year paintings.This paper chooses Zhuxian Town New Year's paintings for in-depth study and analysis.In the early stage of the project we made a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the New Year pictures,the New Year pictures of Zhuxian Town and the figure shapes of the New Year pictures by collecting various documents and materials.Then we wen t to Zhuxian Town to investigate the market and production technology of the New Year pictures.We had a clear understanding of the current situation of the New Year pictures of Zhuxian Town.Through visiting the inheritors of the New Year pictures and collecting the New Year pictures,we made a prelinminary investigation and analysis of the New Year pictures of Zhu?After sorting out the collected data,the New Year's paintings are classified and analyzed according to the subject matter and category;the main research is on the portal paintings in the classification and the characters'modeling in the drama stories,specifically on the characters' lines,body structure and clothing using semiotics.Through the geometric generalization of the head and facial features of the figure pattern,the comparative analysis of the colors of a large number of different themes of New Year's paintings,the artistic characteristics of the figure pattern are studied,and the law of artistic form is summarized.Based on the summary of the art characteristics of Zhuxianzhen wood engraving New Year pictures,this paper excavates the humanistic connotation and regional characteristics of the shape characteristics of the New Year pictures;compares Zhuxianzhen New Year pictures with those of other places of origin in terms of specific themes,and further understands the similarities and differences between the shape features of Zhuxianzhen New Year pictures and those of other places of origin.The special study of Zhuxian Town New Year's Picture character modeling will be helpful to the dissemination and protection of Zhuxian Town woodcut New Year's Picture and the national creation of modern design.
Keywords/Search Tags:Zhuxian Town, Wood Engraving New Year Pictures, Character Shape, Patterns
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