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On The C-E Translation Of City Publicity Materials From The Perspective Of Reception Theory

Posted on:2015-02-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J F ZhuFull Text:PDF
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On this competitive international stage, countries pay much attention to the soft power competition as well as hard power competition. Under such background, the translation of city publicity materials catches much attention. A successful translation of city publicity materials can attract more investment and tourists. Otherwise, an unsuccessful translation undercuts city’s image, or even damages the nation image. On doing translation, one should take target language (TL) readers’response and their present knowledge of China into consideration in order to straddle cultural divides, which accords with the reader-centered theory advocated by Reception Theory. Besides, many views proposed by reception theorists like "Horizon of Expectation","Fusion of Expectation" and "Aesthetic Distance" have a great guiding significance on the translation of city publicity materials. Based on the author’s experience of translation, this thesis aims to discuss the C-E translation of city publicity materials from the perspective of Reception Theory. At the beginning the thesis briefly introduces several aspects of Reception Theory and their guiding significance on translating. Afterwards it analyzes the functions of city publicity materials. Then the thesis makes a comparison between city publicity materials of China and those of other counties. At last the thesis proposes two translation principles and four translation skills.
Keywords/Search Tags:city publicity materials, Reception Theory, the response oftarget language (TL) readers, translation principles, translation skills
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