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Origin And Development Of Traditional Processing Technology Of Jade Decoration

Posted on:2015-03-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As is known to all that prehistoric jade culture of Zhujiang river estuary districthas a glory history. The study of jade decoration in the past time were concentrate ontheir shape and sculpture, at the same time, the technology of processing jade wasonly mentioned in mining report. Therefore, there is a shortage in the study of jadedecoration, especially in the processing way of jade.This study has done massive work on the jade jue and pulley bearings mined fromZhujiang river estuary district, using SEM to analyze the processing trace of jade jueand pulley bearings. The result suggests that the processing technology was derivedfrom Longwa culture in the North, implying that the jade processing technology wasinfluenced by the north culture. This study emphasized on the study of jadeprocessing technology of the district around Zhujiang river estuary, and give someclues on the technology system of jade processing in hujiang river estuary district.The suggestion of technology system of jade processing in hujiang river estuarydistrict has solved a lot of problems, such as the method of processing, the processingprocess and the derivation of their power. The work from contemporary artists ofYunnan province and Jieyang district is very similar to the ancient methods ofZhujiang river estuary district. In this study the author has used modern methods tocut the jade and designed5suits of work using the methods similar to that ofprehistoric jade culture of Zhujiang river estuary district. The core value of thiswork is its suggestion on the way of development of modern jade, how to use themodern technology, how to use the ancient methods of processing jade and how toenable the scarce source of jade to shine its biggest artistic charm. We sincerely hopethat we could promote modern jade processing circle develop in a healthy way.
Keywords/Search Tags:jade ju decoration, pulley bearings, SEM technology, process technology, jade carving technology
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