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The Study On The Tianjin Model For Project Management Of The Post WenChuan-Earthquake Restructure

Posted on:2015-11-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330452459933Subject:Senior Business Administration
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Our country suffers various kinds of frequent natural disasters, which threatenseriously the safety of people life and property, national economy construction andsustainable of the society. Among them, disasters by earthquakes are most dangerousbecause of their sudden occurrence and strong destruction. Data shows that china isone of the most serious earthquake disasters countries, with the30%of7.0magnitudeearthquakes in the world. How to improve the anti-seismic effect, restore andrecon-structure disaster area become the important issues for the government andpeoples.After the “5.12”earthquake, the central government made the decision that thedisaster areas should be supported by the other brother-cities or Provinces,one ofwhich is the Tianjin city to restoration and reconstruction of the Lueyangcounty.Tianjin city——Lueyang county is the one to one supporting relation. Duringthe course of restoration and reconstruction, several new records had been set. And theTianjin Mode for support to restoration and reconstruction was created. To researchthe successful experience of the restoration scientifically is valuable to deal with thesame or similar disasters.Based the scientific development idea, the paper analyses the Tianjin mode ofsupporting construction in the decision-making system, Quality management andProgress management, etc. In the end, the paper puts forward the new researchdirections.
Keywords/Search Tags:Post-disaster Restoration and Reconstruction, Tianjin Mode ofAdded-construction, Project Management of Post-disaster, Project Evaluation
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