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Research On The Participation Of Chinese Social Organizations In Post-disaster Reconstruction

Posted on:2020-10-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330590958150Subject:Administrative Management
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China is a country with frequent natural disasters.The destructive nature of natural disasters has brought huge economic losses and psychological trauma to the disaster areas and their people.The post-disaster reconstruction is to rebuild the homes of the victims,reshape the original appearance of the disaster areas,and make up for the psychological trauma of the victims.Important work.As the main body of post-disaster reconstruction,the government often reconstructs from the top down from a macro perspective,and it is difficult to truly meet the needs of the people in the disaster areas.If the post-disaster reconstruction work cannot be carried out smoothly,it may lead to new social contradictions and even public crisis events.With the rise of civil society,China's social organization has gradually grown and developed,and many social organizations have played a huge role in social life.As an important part of social management,social organizations have the characteristics of high degree of specialization and close to the grassroots.They have many advantages over the government in disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction work,which make up for the government's lack of details and can be reconstructed after disasters.Play an important role.In the past several post-disaster reconstruction work,our social organizations have cooperated with the government or participated on their own.They have played a huge role in infrastructure planning and aid construction,material financing,psychological counseling,and environmental protection.The disaster area completed the post-disaster reconstruction and helped the people in the disaster area rebuild their homes.However,there are many constraints in the participation of post-disaster reconstruction in China's social organizations.Such issues as legality issues,low degree of social recognition,less participation channels,and improper management of social organizations,these factors may restrict the development of social organization reconstruction work,or lead to the failure of social organization reconstruction work.It is impossible for social organizations to fully exert their own advantages and participate effectively in post-disaster reconstruction.This paper takes the participation of social organizations in post-disaster reconstruction as the starting point of the problem,enumerates the advantages and paths of social organizations participating in post-disaster reconstruction,affirms the positive role played by social organizations in post-disaster reconstruction,and proposes the participation of social organizations in the process of participation.The dilemmas and obstacles faced.In response to these problems,this paper draws on and summarizes the excellent experience of Japanese and American social organizations in post-disaster reconstruction,and finally puts forward some suggestions and opinions on optimizing the participation of social organizations in post-disaster reconstruction,in order to solve the participation of Chinese social organizations in post-disaster reconstruction.The problem has played a certain role in promoting the participation of post-disaster reconstruction of social organizations in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:social organization, disaster, post-disaster reconstruction
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