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The Obama Administration’s Nuclear Strategy

Posted on:2014-07-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The United States tested explosion the world’s first atomic bomb successfully in July15,1945, which to become the first nuclear states in the world.And the United States thrown twoatomic bombs to Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan in the same year on August6and9, afterthe explosion generated a huge destructive effect. During the nuclear monopoly, the UnitedStates regarded the atomic bomb as the “absolute weapon” which is low cost and hugedestructive and the tool which can gain and defend the United States’ leadership in the wordafter the Word War Ⅱ.Until the Soviet Union exploded his first atomic bomb successfully inAugust1949, which broken the position of nuclear monopoly of United States. With theposition of nuclear monopoly of United States was broken and the special roles of atomicweapon are different from other normal weapon, that cause a series of questions to researchdeeply in theory and military which roles it play in national military and security strategy. Sothe nuclear strategy forms gradually and more systematization and plays more and moreimportant role in national military and security strategy.During the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union established differentnuclear strategy which varies according to the forces of each and rival, but strengthenednuclear deterrent continuously and made arm race fiercely which was mainly characterizedby“Mutual Assured Destruction”. After the Cold War, the role of nuclear weapon in nationalmilitary and security which not only reduces but also increases, especially the BushAdministration.The United States as the largest nuclear power, the nuclear strategy evolvedthird administrations’ excessive and adjustment in the post-Cold War, which make the ObamaAdministration’s nuclear strategy form gradually.The Obama Administration in order to change the detrimental impact of unilateralism ofthe Bush Administration, and reshape The United States’ leadership in the field of nucleardisarmament and nuclear non-proliferation. Under impact on the security environment ofdomestic and international that has serious challenges in financial crisis, nuclear terrorism andnuclear proliferation, then The Obama Administration proposed a nuclear strategy whichbases on the core of a “nuclear-free world”.The adjustment of the Obama Administration’nuclear strategy will bring about the changes to strategy of military and security of the UnitedState; the effect to the process of world nuclear disarmament and a "nuclear-free" world; theimpact on China’s national security.
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