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Study On Service-oriented Government Of Township Government Functions Under The Horizon Change

Posted on:2017-03-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Township government as the most grass-roots government organization, face to face directly with the peasants, villages and towns government function’s rational play about countryside democracy at the grassroots level construction, relationship to rural economic development, is the rural social security and stability. Because of the CPC central committee and the state council over the years has always been concerned about "three agriculture" problem, township government in service to agriculture, rural areas and farmers, support agriculture, rural areas and farmers development, and play an important role in the process of promoting agricultural modernization. Township government actively guide the broad masses of peasants in the construction of a new socialist countryside, support the implementation of rural compulsory education, promote the township financial system reform; In promoting the villages and towns in the process of rapid economic development, actively according to the provincial and municipal county policy, steadily promote the reform of township government agency tasks,actively establish efficient flow of the rural administrative system, perfecting the township management mechanism, to safeguard the livelihood of the people, support the development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers.In this paper, the author of transition practice G County, Shandong Province township government functions, based on the necessity to service-oriented government under Horizon Township Government Function connotation and positioning functions as a starting point, at home and abroad combing Township Government Functions literature, further improve the research ideas, drawing on existing research results, based on the content design empirical research; research visits by G County township, access to relevant data, a clear service-oriented government under the current Horizon township Government functions such as facing the township Government function positioning role conflict and social development in rural areas,lack of motivation within the functional transformation, the problems faced by other aspects of the environmental pressure and the quality of personnel is not high township grass-roots work of the actual shortage; binding problem, I never balanced development strategy for development in rural areas respect the constraints, the rural traditional administrative model township transformation of government functions of the inertia behind the administrative concepts and awareness-conflict governance administration concept, and further to the township government functions transform the problems were the reasons detailed analysis; and finally, the author of G County township the actual work experience, with reference to the current transformation of government functions of township under service-oriented government Horizon facing such problems and deficiencies, out of the re-scientific orientation of township government functions,to build grass-roots government functions of the new order, strengthen internal power township transformation of government functions such as three put forward path service Oriented Government transformation of township Government functions. Upon completion of this study,based on the theoretical reference for the actual work the author, and lay a solid foundation for further follow-up study..
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