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A Study On Administration System And Mechanisms Of Beibu Gulf Economic Zone In Super Ministry System Perspective

Posted on:2014-03-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330401957732Subject:Administrative Management
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On January16th,2008, the national government approved Development Planningof Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, which marked that Beibu Gulf EconomicZone was officially included in China’s development strategy of opening-up anddevelopment. Located in the joint part of South China, Southwest China and ASEANeconomy, Beibu Gulf Economic Zone is an economic zone consisting of Nanning,Beihai, Qinzhou, Fangcheng Port as well as Chongzuo and Yulin in a “4+2” mode; itis the only region next to both the ocean and the land, with significant regionaladvantages as well as resource advantages. The national strategy is committing tobuild Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone into an internationally and domesticallyimportant economic cooperation zone. This trans-regional cooperation mode is facedwith problems such as difficulties in coordination and wasting in resourcereconfiguration, etc. In this paper, it holds that the key to effectively solve theproblems is to explore a new path of administrative management and systeminnovation applicable to the regional development of Beibu Gulf Economic Zone.Reform of system of administrative management and mechanism is the forerunnerand important component of political restructuring. Institutionalized design can moreeffectively solve the contradictions among administrative integration and economicand regional management as well as regional public administration of theadministrative region, creating sound systematical and mechanical environment forthe overall economic and social development of the region. In2008, restructuring ofgovernment administration of the State Council introduced the “super-ministrysystem” theory in reform concept for the first time, indicating the direction for solvingthe problems of low efficient government institutions such as insufficient functiontransformation, organizational overlapping and inconsistent rights and liabilities, etc.,which is conducive to building a government-governing mode of “large society withsmall government” and “fewer organizations with wider functions, high efficiencyand unification”. The first and utmost goal of “super-ministry system reform” is toseek public benefits, provide public service, improve people’s livelihood, promotesocial harmony and build a service-oriented government; this goal is consistent withthe development goal of China’s restructuring of government administration as wellas that of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone; therefore, this paper explores thesystem of administrative management and mechanic framework of Beibu Gulf Economic Zone on the basis of “super-ministry system reform” reform theory.In this paper, analysis on how to build and innovate the system of administrativemanagement and mechanism of Beibu Gulf Economic Zone is carried out throughliterature analysis method, comparison analysis method and solid evidence analysismethod along the research thought of “proposing problems--analyzing problems--solving problems” from the viewpoint of “super-ministry system reform”. Analysis onthe status quo, tests faced and reasons of the system of administrative managementand mechanism of Beibu Gulf Economic Zone is conducted, and correspondingcountermeasures and suggestions are proposed with the consideration of theoreticaland practical levels on the basis of referencing the advanced experience ofsuper-ministry system both home and abroad, which is conducted under the guidanceof relevant theories of science of public administration such as bureaucracy theory,public choice theory, theory of entrepreneurial government and new public servgicetheory, etc. In this paper, the “super-ministry system” theory and the administrationreform of Beibu Gulf Economic Zone are combined, which is of certain theoreticalsignificance for optimization to solve the problems such as economic construction,inter-governmental cooperation and regional public administration, etc. in GuangxiBeibu Gulf Economic Zone, and it is also of certain theoretical significance forenriching the theoretical study on administrative system with Chinese characteristics.
Keywords/Search Tags:Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, Super-ministry system reform, System ofadministrative management
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