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Research On The Reformation Of The Chinese Marine Administrative Management System-on The Basis Of Super-ministry Reform

Posted on:2015-09-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330431480657Subject:Administrative Management
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The2013"China Marine Economic Statistical Communique" data reveled that in2013, the National Marine GDP reached5,431.3billion, accounting for9.5%of GDP.Along with the social progress and technological innovation, the ocean economy hasbecome an important support of the development of our national economy.The "oceanstrategy" was put forward in the eighteenth Congress of the Chinese Communist Partyshows the importance of the ocean.The effective management in the ocean can make adifference in the development and utilization of the ocean,while the drawbacks of Chinesetraditional marine administrative management system such as function overlapsdecentralized enforcement, redundant construction and low efficiency, has become adifficulty for our government. In March5,2013, the first session of the Twelfth NationalPeople’s Congress was held in Beijing, it reviewed and approved the new round of reformof the State Council and the transformation of functions. This institutional reform focuseson the transformation of government functions and clear responsibilities to deepen thereform development of the last round of the super ministry system.The restructure of theState Oceanic Administration is a major turning point for the Chinese marineadministrative management system.This paper, with the background of government further deepening the super-ministryreform and restructuring the State Oceanic Administration as a starting point,analyzes thestatus quo of China’s reform and administrative system of the ocean, and the existingproblems and the reasons. It provides reference and thinking angel of improving andpromoting the reform of China’s marine administration by drawing from the experience offoreign and domestic experience. The article is divided into six parts as follows:The first part is introduction.It introduces the research background and significance,the theoretical basis of research articles, review ideas and methods at home and abroad,and most of the reform of the administrative system of marine-related literature andarticles research articles.The second part is an overview of the administrative system of marine research.Itclarifies the meaning of the administrative system of the ocean and the basic types, andfocuses on the summaries of the evolution of the historical marine administration systemdevelopment. The third part is an overview of super-ministry reform.It analyzes the causes of thecurrent situation of the implementation of most reform,thus it can set up our contactbetween the ocean administrative system and super-ministry reform.The fourth part is the existing problems reason and its reasons under the backgroundof administrative system of the marine management, and linkages with development of thetraditional drawbacks and reality issues.The fifth part absorbs the administrative experiences through a comparative study ofmarine power management system representative practice, and abroad successful relatedexperience.The last part defines the objectives and principles of maritime administrative reform,and then put forward the proposals and thinking of improving the future marineadministrative management development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Super-ministry Reform, Marine Administrative Management System, State Oceanic Administration
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