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Research On The Transparent And Open Operation Of County Party Committee Authority

Posted on:2013-02-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L CaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2256330422464065Subject:Administrative Management
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The18th report of CPC has pointed out to improve the operation of power restrictionand supervision system. It is important for the power to run well with persisting in using thesystem that controls power effective tube, to protect people’s right to know, right toparticipate, right of expression, and right of supervision. County is the most stable politicalunit, and county-level administrative unit is the basis of national administration units, itssupreme leadership body, the key of country’s political development, economic growth, andsocial harmony is effective operation and the county’s normal function, which depends onthe power allocation and its operation mode.This study starts from the background of the work that transparent and open operationof county party committee authority, which organized by CPC Central Commission forDiscipline Inspection and the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee,combines with the people-oriented scientific outlook development, and sets out from reality,elaborates the characteristics of transparent and open operation of county party committeeauthority in our country, and the country the first batch of three pilot units: Shing, Suiningand Wuhou. On this basis, it takes a further integration of Hubei province committeetransparency of power operation of the first pilot units: Hong’an. Through the research,analyze its related initiatives, to find the problems. Then analyze the causes of the problemsfrom three aspects of system barrier, soft environment and platform. So as to put forwardthe development path of the county power public transparent and open running: adhere tothe people-oriented, reasonable construction of the power system, standardized andscientific power limits, design evaluation system of supervision; liberate thoughtsenergetically, cultivate the spirit of democracy and legality, and use social public opinionsupervision to play a guiding role; to raise level of science and technology, guarantee astable platform operation, establish the platform system combing with the actual situation,and improve the utilization degree.
Keywords/Search Tags:County Authority, Public Power, Open and Transparent, Rigid System, SoftEnvironment, Platform
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