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Research On The Public Toilet Management In Shenyang On The Basis Of The Grounded Theory

Posted on:2013-07-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2256330425491950Subject:Administrative Management
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The city public toilet as a part of modern city public infrastructure, it is closely related to people’s production and life activities, and its status and the function can’t lack. The city public toilet management level is the important symbol of urban civilization construction level, also reflect a city government public health service level of high and low.The research expounds the development condition of public toilet, public toilet management situation and management performance. To explore the problems of Shenyang public toilet management from the perspective of positivism.The research use the methods of interview and grounded theory research to interview public toilet management staff and public toilet cleaner by half structured depth interview. The research according to coding, analysis interview material, statistics coding frequency, and analysis each concept category and the relationship of each concept category. Through the analysis of the grounded theory research, firstly, summarize Shenyang public toilet management problems, such as the lack of public toilet, unreasonable layout, public toilet and equipment old, city public toilet planning lag, public toilet planning of location difficult, new construction and restore public toilet difficult, public toilet operation difficult in winter,and the financing channel is narrow. Secondly, the research objectively analysis the causes of the problems, such as the government management department lack of public service consciousness, city public toilets management system incomplete, supervision mechanism of city public toilet management lack of effectiveness, and local public finance shortage. Finally, put forward the way and method of improvement the management level of Shenyang public toilets from three aspects, such as strengthening the system construction of Shenyang public toilet management, exploring new ways of Shenyang public toilet management, and optimizing the environment of Shenyang public toilet management.
Keywords/Search Tags:City public toilet, Public toilet management, Grounded Theory, Coding
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