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Communist Anti-Japanese Base Areas In Central Historical Experience Of Ruling China

Posted on:2014-08-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330398499169Subject:Chinese Modern and Contemporary History
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During the early Anti-Japanese War,CCP facing the dangerous situation inwhich they were attacked and surrounded by the Japanese,puppet and stubbornenemies. In spite of the very difficult circumstances,CPP led the constructions of therevolutionary bases in the south of Anhui Province, in the north and south of JiangsuProvince etc. CPP also made a summary of actively promoting the democratic reformsin the revolutionary base, abolished Baojia System,transformed rural powers,adopted representatives of a new system and kept the masses of the basic politicaladvantages and boldly broke through the Sansan System.Today, research into the history of the revolutionary bases of Huazhong has beenfruitful, but these results is described in the regime-building process, the status androle of the government building, but summary of the ruling experience from thegovernment point of view is poor, and specialized research into the ruling experienceof the revolutionary bases of Huazhong has not been fruitful. Based on the aboveconditions and the research value of local governance experience, this paper iscommitted to researching the ruling experience of the revolutionary bases ofHuazhong.The article draws up on the foundation which has already had a research, sets outfrom the new angle, discusses and analyzes organization characteristics of CCP inearlier period. By discussing and analyzing organization characteristics of CCP ofearlier period, this paper is to examine the history of CCP. Today,it is beneficial forraising ruling ability and leading level, also having doubtless to draw lessons frommeaning importantly.The innovation of this paper is to integrate the results of previous studies andcombing supplement of past research, representing a comprehensive overview of theresearch on the background of the government building, the situation of thegovernment building and it’s historical role. The article is also committed tosummarize historical experience of the revolutionary bases of Huazhong, and maderecommendations to the Communist Party of China at this stage, involving the advice of using the resources to govern, consolidating the ruling base, improving its ability.
Keywords/Search Tags:the revolutionary bases of Huazhong, Sansan System, democratic reforms, raising ruling ability and leading level, The ruling experience
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